10 Free Modern & Creative 404 Error Page Designs – AI, EPS & JPG

Have you ever sat down in front of your laptop and saw the dreaded 404 error? We bet you just wanted to smash up your laptop screen. Well, with Freepik’s modern & creative 404 error page design you will never once open your laptop in dread again. In fact, you will look forward to switching it on and seeing a range of fun and amusing designs that play around with the 404 error logo.

Each 404 page design comes in a variety of refreshing colors from bright orange to aqua blue. They have a range of humorous and entertaining characters. There’s the fabulous fruity orange still looking delightful as well as dejected. Then there’s the captivating yet confused thief climbing out of a tunnel.

Each 404 page design is optimized not only for laptops but also for tablets and mobiles. To add a sassy little twist somewhere you can create some posters with these designs too. So take a look at them today. We are sure you won’t make an error with the Freepik’s 404 error page design collection freebie. Don’t forget to check out Freepik, for more such creative designs and backgrounds.


Find below a preview of these 404 error page designs that you will find in the download.

404 error freebie preview

Download Freebie

Use the button below to download the freebie. Upon downloading you will get a zip file containing ten 404 error page designs in AI, EPS, and JPEG format. If the button comes as locked, kindly follow instructions to unlock it.


The freebie is free to use for personal as well as commercial projects, to share and modify. In exchange, it is necessary to credit the original creation: “desgined by Freepik.com”

Don’t forget to share this freebie. Also check out our freebies section for more free resources and our previous freebie: screen templates for 404 pages.

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