New layout for Developer Blogs and News Sources section

We have made some usability changes to the layout of Developer Blogs and News Sources section. With the new layout you will be able to see an aggregated feed from all the news sources at once. Also you will find a fuller screen space for a more immersible reading experience.

The new changes would also make it easier for you to browse  Developer Blogs and News Sources section on your mobile devices.  If you see any layout issues then kindly try manually refreshing the page once.

More Developer Blog sources

We have also added many new sources in Developer Blogs sections. Increasing list of developer blog sources was major factor for this change of layout as the earlier layout was making the developer blogs section quite a long scroll down for reading feed from each blog. The new layout should help you discover all the recent entries from all the sources at once. All the sources are still displayed with link to their RSS feeds so that you can add them to your favorite RSS reader.

We know that our Developer Blogs section is not complete and there are some great blogs out there which we have missed. Therefore we request you to share with us all such blogs (your own or others) related to Windows Phone and Windows 8 app development that you know. We will share them with your fellow developers and help them discover these great blogs at one place. Let’s bring all of us together :)


Our idea is not to steal content from these sources but to help developers discover these blogs and news sources at one place. This is why we just link to the actual blog post instead of embedding the content. However in case you don’t want your blog or news site to be listed in our directory, you are kindly requested to contact us.


We have also created handles on all major social networking sites to help you follow updates from us and communicate with us easily. Find the links below:



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