Keep Your Data Safe: 4 Must-Have Third-Party iOS Security Apps

ios security apps

Keeping your data safe is a task that cannot be taken lightly. There is an increasing number of cyberattacks targeting iOS users. If you think your personal details are not valuable enough, you are mistaken. Attackers now target everyone and find all personal details valuable, which is why taking data protection seriously is a must.

Fortunately, iOS users enjoy a head start when it comes to information security. The operating system uses sandboxing and other information security best practices natively. By adding a few extra security measures, you can keep your data safe at all times. So, which iOS security apps should you use? What security measures do you need?


1Password, as the name suggests, is a password manager app for multiple platforms. You can use 1Password to manage passwords on your iOS and Android devices, along with your laptops and desktop computers. By using this app, you gain an advantage over your attackers: secured passwords.

Rather than using the same password for all of your accounts, you can now use unique passwords for them, and still only need to remember one main password for the 1Password app. The app also integrates with iOS – and other iOS apps – seamlessly.

Avira Mobile Security

The next app to use is Avira Mobile Security. It is an antivirus designed to protect your iOS device from malicious scripts and external attacks. The app, whilst remaining free, offers a long list of security features that make keeping your device secure very easy.

For starters, Avira automatically blocks malicious websites and prevent you from visiting them. Since you are protected from accidentally clicking on malicious links, your device is also protected from scripts designed to infect them.

Avira also alerts you when your accounts have been compromised, giving you the ability to change your passwords and do a security audit immediately. Further hacks can be prevented, and you can anticipate similar attacks early.


Hidden is an app that comes with a number of useful security features. For starters, you can use the Hidden iOS app to protect your iDevice from physical theft. Hidden’s Mac tracking software also works in conjunction with its mobile app, creating a secure environment across multiple devices.

When you do get your iPhone or MacBook stolen, you can use Hidden to track its location. It will continue tracking the device and take screenshots as it is being used by the thief. The information gathered by Hidden allows you to build a strong case against the perpetrator.

As an added measure, Hidden can perform remote wipes and uses SSH tunneling to allow remote access. This is a premium suite, but you have a seven-day free trial period if you want to give this app a try.


This next one is my personal favorite: an email security app. If you don’t want your emails to be vulnerable to hacks and information theft, this is the app to use. ProtonMail automatically provides encryption features to emails sent from your device. The only catch is that the receiving user needs to use ProtonMail too.

That’s not a bad catch though because the app is available across multiple platforms. You can use private encryption keys and utilize the app’s advanced key management to really secure communications with different recipients.

Using the four apps we covered in this article, you can add the necessary security layers to your iOS device. Yes, the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks is still there, but the apps provide measures to help mitigate those risks. Not only will you be able to limit the damage those attacks can do to your device and your personal information, but you can also prevent them from happening in the first place.

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