Top 5 Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022

development trends

The world of web development brings some new and exciting changes with each passing year. These changes make it even more challenging for businesses to survive in the digital era. This is exactly why it becomes essential for businesses to stay competitive and keep pace with the trends of the web development industry.

If you wish to make your position more authoritative in the digital market, then you need to give more importance to your dev team. However, selecting the best development trends for your business is a challenging task. It can consume plenty of time for your organization. We have accumulated a list of some of the highly rated, advised, and suggested web development trends to save your time and efforts.

Let’s have a look at the top five development trends of 2022:

The Blockchain Influence

The concept of cryptocurrency first came to existence in 2004 and moving further in 2022, we can expect a lot from this technology in the domain of website development. At the end of November 2021, there were somewhere around 80 million users of blockchain wallets. This massive adoption of blockchain only attests to the claims that this technology has a huge role to play in the future of technology.

A foolproof copy of a ledger is spread across all the participants in the world, which shows how much trust people have in this technology. Lawyers often refer to this technology as ‘legal fiction’ because it’s almost like a small world that has its own set of rules that must be obeyed if one wants to be a part of it. Blockchain is the future of development that one should start targeting as soon as one can.

The Rise of Web3

Moving on from the blockchain though, we have another exciting technology that everyone knows is going to be huge, it’s only a matter of time. Web1.0 was the initial stage of the internet that has static internet pages, HTML stylized, blue links, etc. Right now, we are using Web 2.0 – dynamic, responsive, database-driven, sites connected to backend systems. Web3 is the latest evolution, which is going to be one of the most talked-about things in the year 2022.

Its principal concept is decentralization. Similar to blockchain which allows the coinage without any central bank and the completion of a contract without any lawyer, Web3 makes the internet happen, say, without the internet authority. This web3 development is interconnected with blockchain technology too. For example, you can use web3 react to seamlessly communicate with the Ethereum blockchain.

The sooner you get comfortable with web3, the sooner you’ll be able to use it in your development outputs.

Use of Typescript Programming Language

Web developers are working really hard on developing new methods to improve the page experience of the users and also to simplify the dev team workflow. The Typescript programming language was initially built to fix the bugs in a JavaScript program. However, this language came into use and got popular in recent times. So, Typescript programming will slowly but definitely trend in the year 2022.

There are many reasons why programmers use Typescript to build the front-end:

  • The code can be understood easily
  • The project implementation process becomes swift
  • The number of errors decreases significantly
  • Less time consumption for revision
  • Negligible stereotyping

Though there were many controversies regarding the efficiency of this language, it is still widely and increasingly used to create the external interface of the website. Since minimalism is still in trend and will continue to be so, opting for Typescript can be the gamechanger for your development works.

AI and Chatbots for Communication

An increasing number of web developers are adopting AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is mainly because AI enables the creation of virtual assistants that can be integrated with the websites to communicate with the visitors and help assist them. You can also conduct surveys using AI and collect all the analytical data. Using the data, you can improve the functioning of the website.

Chatbots are based on AI that interacts with the visitors of your site and answers their general queries. Moreover, it also helps these visitors navigate through the website and all the listed pages. When the engagement of customers on your site is high, it helps improve the ranking of your site. These chatbots are a great deal since they improve the user experience too. A chatbot is very much capable of interacting with the visitor in almost a way a human would do.

This is going to be a huge trend in 2022, as experts believe that around 70% of all the websites will adopt this technology so that the visitors would get to know the answer to their queries in a matter of a few questions. It is worth investing in the technology as its predicted annual growth rate is 33.2% between 2020 to 2027.

PWA and AMP Apps

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) have become high utility tools for developers. With the help of PWAs, you can easily allow the content of any website to adapt to the phone without making it look bad. It is really helpful in creating a better UI and UX layout. The best part about this is that there’s no compromise with the speed of the page, it is as high as it would be on a stationary computer. You can’t shy away from this trend if your users have the tendency to open the website using a mobile device.

If there are a lot of media, especially animations and video content, present on your site, then an AMP will be a better alternative to PWAs. Using an AMP, you can easily make all the media files available to your visitors without affecting the quality and page loading time.

Serverless Architecture

One of the biggest trends in 2022 is going to the transfer of sites over to a serverless architecture. There are several reasons behind this, one of them being the simplification of processes. Using the serverless architecture, you get rid of a big problem that is losing any data. It also ensures that there’s no overload on the website. Those servers are replaced by cloud resources in a serverless architecture. If you wish to gain an edge over your competitors, go serverless as soon as you can.

Takeaways for 2022 Web Development Trends

The development trends mentioned above will change the way businesses communicate and interact with their clients. When you use these trends, you enhance the way a user engages with your site and hence help your business stay a step ahead of your competition.

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