5 Types of SMS Messages to Use in Your Business

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Communication is essential to every business, and the two most important aspects are the speed and quality of communication.

SMS messages are often viewed as a personal rather than professional mode of communication. However, SMS communication can be very effective if you use it properly.

SMS has many incredible benefits, such as affordability, security, and reach, and they are almost always opened instantly upon reception. The following are the types of SMS messages to use in your business: 

Welcome SMS

The first SMS you should use in your business, and the first SMS customers should receive from you is the welcome SMS. It may sound quite simple, but many businesses often forget to send their customers this message.

A welcome SMS says you want to thank them for engaging with your brand. It also says that you want customers to join your brand and become customers.

The first message should tell receivers who you are, and the second may be about telling them where they can get more information about you. The welcome SMS may seem like a tiny gesture, but it can count for much.

Marketing SMS

There are numerous online marketing channels, but you should also explore SMS marketing. It will be different to market anything via SMS as opposed to other platforms.

The SMS has to be concise and direct to have the most impact. Therefore, consider using SMS to apprise readers of new offerings that they can take advantage of immediately, especially in ecommerce.

It would be best if you also considered using SMS for discounts and bonus offers. The best part about SMS marketing is that it is affordable, and you can customize the SMS to the recipient. 

Customer Service SMS

The best companies find as many ways as possible to provide their loyal customers with the best customer service. More businesses should use SMS to offer customer service as people may not always be online.

If it is something that your firm can handle offline, it would be great to have an SMS service where you can promptly offer customers service via SMS. Speed will be paramount for customer service SMS, so consider a service that allows you to send texts from a computer

You can also use customer service SMS to ensure that customers receive orders or report complaints. It is a very versatile form of SMS every business should consider. 

Appointment Reminder SMS

With smartphones and other smart devices, people should easily set reminders for appointments. Even with multiple phone calls, some people still miss appointments which means losing business.

Appointment reminder SMS will improve your SMS conversion rates too. Therefore, consider sending customers an appointment reminder SMS to ensure they come in for your SMS. You can start by sending SMS a few days apart, weeks from the appointment, and increase your frequency as the appointment date gets closer.

Ensure you include details such as the date, time, and location of the appointment to ensure the reader has everything they need to make the appointment.

Authentication SMS

Security is critical, especially for account management which is why every company should consider an authentication SMS. If a user is trying to log on to their account, they will often only get a two-step factor authentication process which includes inputting the login details and completing a Captcha test.

You should also include a third step which involves sending a confirmation SMS with an authentication code that they can use to access their account. It dramatically improves security on your website. 

Businesses have numerous options for the types of SMS they can use, but they often choose not to despite the benefits. The above are the types of SMS businesses should consider using. Evaluate your business and determine the best way to use SMSs.

Cover Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

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