10 Unofficial Redesigns of Famous Websites we wish to see implemented

Many designers across the globe like the idea of redesigning famous websites in order to showcase their talent as well as to suggest an improved version of their favorite websites. Some of these designs stand out and appeal to the general crowd as well. They attract large scale appreciation followed by demands from users to make these unofficial redesigns into official ones.

Today, we have brought together a list of such redesigns of famous websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Gmail which have proven to be quite popular in the design world and most of us hope to see at least some of the aspects of these redesigns be implemented in the official websites, if not all.

Please do make sure to visit the official page of these redesigns as it will have more visuals (videos too in some cases) and will help you get an overall look of the re-imagined design.

Popular Unofficial Redesigns

1. YouTube Redesign


DesignerZiarekenya Smith

2. Gmail Redesign


DesignerRuslan Aliev

3. IMDB Redesign


DesignersRémi Fayolle & Gilles Bertaux

4. Wikipedia Redesign

wikipedia unoffical redesign

Designer George Kvasnikov

5. Google News Redesign


DesignerGeorge Kvasnikov

6. Twitter Redesign


DesignerRamil (Bluroon)

7. LinkedIn Redesign


DesignerRamil (Bluroon)

8. Vkontakte Redesign


Designer – R O K K E B O L

9. MTV Redesign


Designer – Paulo Rogerio Ziolle Junior

10. Apple Store Redesign


Designer – Amber Creative

Designing big and popular sites like YouTube and IMDB is not an easy task and when you are not aware of the entire project parameters and constraints, it become even more difficult to present a design which can be useful in real world. Only after thorough testing and study of user behaviors when operating these sites, one would be able to dictate whether the redesign presented above could stand for the real stuff. Nevertheless, some of these designs are remarkable and an honest effort by designers in creating a modern look as well as giving priority to usability.

Which of these redesigns is your favorite? Do you feel that any of these website redesigns are worthy of getting turned into an official one? Are there any websites you often use and feel should be given a redesign? Speak your heart in the comments below. If you ask me, I would nominate LinkedIn and Gmail for getting a redesign in 2015.

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