What Is A VPN? And Why You Should Use A VPN On Public Wi-Fi

We all love surfing the Internet. This is because of the storehouse of information that lies in it. We also use it for entertainment purposes like watching movies and listening to music. This clearly reflects the level of our dependence on it.

Nowadays the Internet is also used to conduct financial transactions using Net Banking. We also use it for filing our tax returns. All this shows that your financial status is an open book as far as using the Web is concerned. We also use social media that contains our personal information.

Isn’t it disconcerting if you realize that there are malicious elements like hackers who can steal all your personal information including financial ones by breaking into your system? Wouldn’t you like to know about some method that would prevent them from being successful?  This is where we help you.

This article discusses a VPN or Virtual Private Network that can protect you from hackers and such other unscrupulous elements lurking around. You can use a VPN to cloak your identity and prevent yourself from falling into their malicious games. There are many types of VPNs, some free and others paid. For starters, you can use completely free vpns to help you understand how they work. This will let you see for yourself the benefits that they bring along.

It also explains why it is essential for you to use a VPN when you are on public Wi-Fi. This is because using the Internet in a public setting can leave you very vulnerable to attack by malevolent elements. Read on to find out how you can make the best use of this extremely useful service.

Let us start by explaining what is a VPN and how it works.

What Is A VPN?

1.what is a vpn

A VPN is an abbreviation of the term Virtual Private Network. This is a service that enables you to have a private network over public infrastructure. By public infrastructure, we mean the public places where we surf the Net when we are not in your home or workplace. This includes any place which is open to the public.

You must realize that using your laptop in a public place makes you very vulnerable to be attacked by hackers for whom it is child’s play to break into your system. The only way in which you can make yourself secure is to make use of a VPN.

A VPN provides you with a cloak of invisibility as it hides your real IP from being shown as you log into the Internet. This keeps your identity hidden from the prying eyes of people who wish to harm you. In view of these factors, hackers will not be able to decipher whom you are confusing them and preventing them from carrying out their malevolent activities.

Hence, it is indeed wise and prudent to make use of A VPN that solves your problem for once and for all. Read on to know the details about how it can help you while using Wi-Fi. This will clarify any doubts that you may have. Firstly, we will explain what is a public Wi-Fi zone.

What Does Public Wi-Fi mean?

2.public wi fi

Wi-Fi is a system where you make use of wireless technology to connect with the Internet. A special zone is created using an adapter for using this facility. This zone is called as a hotspot. Generally, a hotspot is located in an office or a home. But it can also be used in a public place. When used in this way, it is called as public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi is generally free for use making it open for anybody who wishes to log in. As there is no filtering system in place that can screen the potential users, this system is very insecure. The moment you log in to check your emails or social media, your privacy is put at risk. However, using a VPN will make you more secure from falling into the traps of troublemakers who want to invade your personal space.

Where is Public Wi-Fi Found?


Public Wi-Fi is used in a number of public places like those mentioned below:-

  1. Eateries like restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops.
  2. Public Transportation Systems like airplanes, airports, subways, trains and railroad stations. 
  3. Hotels, Inn and Hostels.
  4. Public Parks and Gardens.
  5. Malls, supermarkets, and other shopping centers.
  6. Tourist spots, Business Hubs.
  7. Unsecured home networks also become Public Wi-Fi.
  8. Libraries.

How You Can Be Targeted

4. how you can be targeted

There are many ways in which you can be targeted. Here we discuss some of them so as to give you an idea about how serious the situation is and why you need to take immediate action.

Hackers/ Snoops:

This is the most common way in which you can be attacked. Hackers or snoops are people who enter your computer system forcibly to steal confidential data.  They jeopardize the security of the computer and leave all files present vulnerable to getting leaked and stolen. They can also hack your email and social media accounts by cracking your passwords. Hackers are also adept at breaking into your Net Banking with the intention of draining out money from your account. Hence, these people are extremely dangerous and will go to any level in order to make you part with your data and money.

Man In The Middle Attacks:

There are times when an attacker intercepts the private conversation that goes on between two individuals and tries to alter it according to his or her wishes. The parties of the conversation don’t realize this and feel that they are having a natural conversation. This is called as active eavesdropping where all the data exchanged is controlled at the whims and fancies of the attacker. As the conversation is intercepted by someone who comes in between the two parties, it is called as a man in the middle attack.


Malware is basically a program that has malicious intent and enters your system with the sole intention of harming your computer. The most common forms of malware include viruses, worms and Trojans that can create havoc in your system. It is very easy for malware to enter your system when you are using a public Wi-Fi. However, using a VPN can protect you from the same as it can keep your identity a secret.

Fake Networks/ Rogue Hotspots:

There are cases where criminals and other nefarious people establish their own hotspots and try to trick you into entering them. These hotspots are called fake networks or rogue hotspots. They appear like genuine hotspots but the moment you enter them, all your personal data is compromised. Hence, you need to be wary of logging on to any suspicious hotspot that may harm your device as well as your identity.


As mentioned earlier, logging on with a VPN will make your system very secure as it will protect you from being targeted by such kinds of people. Hence, you need to make sure to use this service the next time you use public Wi-Fi.

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  1. As most of the people I am always connecting to public wifi, and because of the security reasons, I am using Nordvpn app. I disagree just with one point in your article, about free vpns. I do not recommend to try them, because as I know, most of them sell your data to third parties. So that is why I trust just paid vpns with a strict zero log policy.


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