Is KVM VPS Hosting Essential For a Fast Website?

Every year the internet becomes more efficient as developers strive to find ways to increase security, reliability and speed without compromising performance.

In terms of speed, the greatest advance has been the emergence of virtual servers, which basically transform the possibilities from one machine to act like multiple servers, only the add-ons are virtual. Inevitably this means that an awful lot more can be done at once, and everything runs so much faster.

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How KVM VPS Hosting Packages Work

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is, as the name suggests, a dedicated server which exists in the cloud rather than physically, and this works via a KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) – a kind of host and supervisor known also as a hypervisor which is responsible for managing the range of independent virtual servers working from the same root.

A KVM VPS hosting package works with pretty much any operating system too, making it very flexible, as well as secure and efficient.

KVM VPS hosted websites have the advantage of speed

This is inevitably a major plus, and it is made possible due to the efficient way a KVM VPS works. When a server is shared every user is, theoretically at least, competing for a piece of the action, and should too many be trying to use resources at the same time then everyone will be slowed down.

Think of it like a bus journey when the time from A to B is partly based on the number of people who choose to get on and off during your journey. At quiet periods the travel time could be reduced dramatically, but during rush hour you experience the opposite effect.

Meanwhile, the person on the motorbike arrives much faster because there are no unpredictable stops to be made. In this example the bike acts like the KVM VPS.

Why speed matters

An unfortunate side effect of the instant digital age is people are more and more impatient these days to get the answers or information they want. Even one experience of a slow or delayed service, or even worse one which times out, could lead to a lost customer or sale. Websites which are heavy on images (try these image compressors) are especially vulnerable to this issue.

Actual or potential customers are not the only thing to worry about with a slow site, because it also reduces your SEO impact and can easily lead to a lower ranking than is deserved.

It is important not to overload your VPS if you want to feel the full benefit of the extra speed it grants you. If you need more space it is easy enough to switch up to something more powerful in just a few clicks.

To be entirely fair it’s impossible to say that KVM VPS hosting is absolutely essential for a fast website, as of course there are alternatives which can deliver a decent speed. But overall KVM VPS hosting has the advantage of being super fast for a much larger potential audience than any competitor. If this is what you’re looking for however, then you are best going with JavaPipe.

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