Top 15 News Sites for Web Designers & Developers

Web Design keeps evolving over time and new web technologies as well as web development frameworks emerge every other day. Following popular news sites related to Web Design and Development is a must for any web designer or developer in order to be in sync with the latest design trends and to be aware of the hot skills in demand by recruiters/clients.

In this article, I am sharing top news sites in Web Design and Development space. Following these news sites would ensure that you are always on top of the latest happenings in the web design and development world. Some of these sites are large news aggregation sites (e.g. Flipboard and Reddit) and cover wide array of topics beyond web design and development, however you can easily follow the topics related to Web Design and Development in them. Don’t forget to checkout these top web design and development blogs as well.

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Note that, these news sites are the one that I personally follow and if you see your favorite news site missing from the list, please feel free to add them in the comments.

1. reddit

Reddit is well known as social news aggregation and discussion platform and it offers many sub-reddits on Web Design and Development that you can follow. Some of the noteworthy ones are r/webdev/r/Frontend/ and r/web_design/

2. DailyDevBytes

Daily Dev Bytes aggregates news from many different sources such as top subreddits on Web Design and Development, Hacker News and prominent blogs in Web Design and Development niche. It also features a humor section dedicated to programming humor and has a handy display of annual, weekly and monthly progress for the current date.

3. Flipboard

Flipboard is leading news aggregation site presenting its content in magazine format. You are able to create and follow magazines on various topics including Web Design and Web Development, SEO, Marketing etc. With Flipboard, you can also connect your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. and get the news feed delivered inside your personalized magazine. If you are on Flipboard, then don’t forget to follow our magazines: SDR Flipboard Magazine or The new age web-design.

5. Google News

Google news is an easy to use news aggregator that automatically personalizes your news feed based on your interest. You can find Google news app too for your mobile device. You can follow many topics such as Web Design and Web development and stay up-to-date with latest happenings.

6. Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform used by many top influencers and professionals from the Web Design and Development industry. You can follow people, popular publications or simply tags such as Web Design, Web Development, Front End Development etc. to get the top stories from these topics delivered in your Medium feed.

7. Web Designer News

Web Designer News brings curated stories for Web Designers and Developers. You can also submit a news story on the site and vote as well as comment on stories similar to reddit. They also provide a newsletter subscription in case you wish to get the top news stories delivered in your inbox.

8. Designer News

Designer News is another destination for Designers and Tech enthusiasts. This community driven website offers stories on design and development as well as a weekly podcast. They also have a dedicated section featuring jobs for designers and developers.

9. Hacker News

Hacker News is a popular social news platform featuring submissions and stories relevant to startups and tech business. It is run by Y Combinator which provides seed funding for startups. While the stories on Hacker News are not always relevant to Web Design and Development, they are generally relevant to convey the latest happenings in the internet and tech domain.

10. Product Hunt

Porduct Hunt is a great place for finding new and interesting products and startups which can help you streamline your design and development process. If you wish, you can follow topics such as Tech, Developer Tools and Productivity.

11. HeyDesigner

HeyDesigner collects and shares news stories for designers and front-end developers. Apart from following their website, you can also follow their Twitter handle @HeyDesigner to get the news stories delivered in your Twitter stream.

12. is run by prominent designer and developer Sacha Greif and features best links about UI design, typography, CSS, user research and other aspects of design.

13. Front-End Front

Front-End Front is a curated news source for front-end related articles. You can submit, vote and comment on stories similar to reddit.

14. TNW Design & Development News

TNW (The Next Web) is a large publication covering news about internet technology, business and culture. They also have a dedicated section for Design and Development News.

15. is a community-driven website for discovering, sharing and discussing stories about WordPress.

Hope you found the list above useful. These are some of the top news sources where you can find latest and insightful articles about web design, front-end development, back-end development as well as other aspects such as marketing and conversion optimizations.

Do you have anything to add in this list? Let us know in comments.

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