What is eSignature API?


As soon as there is some new demand on the market, several technological solutions soon appear at once. All of them offer different ways of transitioning to a new state, in which the need will not be actualized, but solved using certain algorithms. So it was with electronic signatures. The development of e-commerce has inevitably necessitated the approval of documents in digital format. However, simplified solutions will not work in every case. After all, many companies have their own software solutions, which means that the proposed technological product for eSignatures must be integrated into their main software. To help accomplish this task, eSignature API comes to the rescue.

What Is API, and Why Is It Needed?

As the infrastructure of the digital space becomes more complex, there is a need for some intermediaries that would connect different programs together. This function was taken over by the API or Application Programming Interface. In fact, the API is used to produce effective communication between programs. Thanks to the API, it is possible to request the functions of one application in another. Let’s look at how it applies to eSigning documents on the best SignNow platform:

  • The signNow platform provides the opportunity for a fast and reliable collection of signatures under the documents in different formats. It also offers unique opportunities for organizing and storing company documents, as well as for working on them.
  • However, if you have your own well-functioning software, you can use the API to integrate the functions offered by signNow into programs already running in your business. This means that you and other employees of the company will be able to use all the functions of the signNow platform without leaving the application in which you usually work.

Protecting Company Data in the Process of API Integration

Any company strives for maximum autonomy, independence, and protection of internal information. Therefore, when there is a need to integrate some new activities or software, a business may be wary of this. Will this lead to information leakage? Will competitors be able to somehow access the documentation? Therefore, when integrating new software capabilities, such as office automation or the collection of electronic signatures, businesses need security and privacy guarantees. signNow provides reliable protection of customer data through several mechanisms:

  • The most advanced encryption algorithms are used for storage and transferring your documents
  • Possibility to audit all activities through a detailed history of a document
  • Rigorous adherence to industry standards for data protection
  • Ability to create two-factor authentication at the request of the client. In this case, the client defines the second security barrier of the document, which signatories must overcome before eSigning 
  • Ability to recover documents even in case of emergency. signNow adheres to the Disaster Recovery plan and guarantees the reliability of storing documents in any unexpected situation 

Benefits of eSignature API from SignNow

  • You are not required to make a final decision right away. You can test all platform functionality for free for a week. When you are convinced of the unconditional usefulness of signNow services, you will be able to choose a suitable tariff plan for yourself.
  • Quick deployment of the program and configuration of all services. All this can be done in less than 10 minutes.
  • Constant API monitoring carried out by the platform guarantees smooth and uninterrupted operation.
  • Excellent support service that is ready to help at any time.
  • Availability of detailed video instructions that reveal in detail the entire process of integrating eSignature API.
  • The flexibility of the service settings allows you to easily adapt it to the needs of your company.

API eSignature Procedure

The whole process of signing the document will become very fast and convenient. It can be done in just 4 easy steps:

  • Upload a document in the required format and create signature fields in it. You can also enter additional information in these fields that is required from the signer
  • Send a document in one click via a link or via email
  • Document status indicator will tell you when it is signed
  • Send the finished document to a folder on the cloud, where it will be securely stored, or upload it to any other place you need

Use the Unique Features Offered by SignNow Without Leaving Your Work Program

The API eSignature allows you to stay in the familiar space of your application and at the same time enjoy the benefits of fast and easy document eSigning. It’s like bringing the long-awaited Internet into the house: suddenly the entire world is getting closer. In the same way with signNow services: through the API you get a lot of unique new features:

  • Access to a huge library of document templates. Thanks to them, the creation of any document will immediately accelerate. In addition, you will be absolutely sure that the created document complies with all norms and regulations. The library is constantly updated, so if a form becomes obsolete and a new one appears, this is immediately reflected in the templates.
  • The ability to work on the creation of a document as a team or in collaboration with business partners. You can forget about the tedious endless sending of a document by email while working on it. Simply grant access rights to the document to all required parties and track the changes they make.
  • Thanks to the vast amount of legal documents available in the library, you can easily create contracts with your business partners and negotiate them without leaving your work program. This opportunity is provided to you by the eSignature API from signNow.

Take advantage of the new technological opportunities that digital reality offers you. eSignature has greatly streamlined workflows and reduced time wasted collecting handwritten signatures. eSignature API has improved this process even more, as a result of which it has become no more difficult to give an electronic signature than to take a pen in your hand and sign a document. And collecting other people’s signatures is as easy as handing them a document with a pen. Thanks to signNow API, you can work as easily as if all the signatories are sitting in your office. Stay in touch with everyone with signNow’s highly effective eSignature API.

Cover Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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