A Look at Apple, Google & Microsoft’s Approach to Design [Infographic]

Apple has always been a pioneer in designing user interfaces. However over past few years, Microsoft, with their Modern UI, and Google, with their Material Design, have redefined their design philosophies and ingrained design into their core.

Here’s an infographic that illustrates Apple, Google and Microsoft’s approach to design. Have a look at the design principles of these tech giants, similarities in their interface design as well as differences that lend each brand a unique experience.

Apple, Google and Microsoft's approach to Design

Source: Design Wars Infographic

“Authentically digital” experience with flat design of Microsoft, thin typefaces, blurred translucency and parallax effects in Apple iOS or Google’s Material Design, a visual language based on movement, animations and bold colors – while their approaches may be different, their underlying principles converge. These industry titans are focused on creating a minimal, clean and user-centric interface and these are the design principles that are highly likely to stand the test of time.

Read in detail their design guidelines:

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