7 Lessons from the Most Successful Logo Redesigns [Infographic]

Handling a logo redesign project for a client? Or, maybe redesigning the logo for your own startup? In this post we bring to you an infographic (thanks to Company Folders) with some indispensable logo redesign tips that can come in handy in making your logo makeover project successful.

Over the years, we have seen many popular brands redesign their logos. Some to achieve a cleaner look and keep their logo dated with shift in design trends and, some to have their logo flexible and responsive enough to adapt from huge billboards to web and mobile platforms. While some of these redesigns were widely accepted, some redesigned logos drew negative criticism from designers and consumers alike. And there is a lot we can learn from these logo redesign successes and failures and apply in our own projects.

This infographic shows the valuable lessons and takeaways from the successful redesigns over past few years and the already made redesign mistakes to avoid. Take a look! We also recommend you to read our earlier post on designing a successful logo that has a set of infographics outlining the design fundamentals behind logo design process.

Logo Redesign Tips

Source: Company Folders

Are you a logo designer? We would love to hear your experiences from logo redesign projects. Any tips you would like to give to our readers are always welcome.

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