How to Design a Creative Two-Letter Logo [Infographic]

Web design often includes creating unexpected elements—like logos. (In fact, if you don’t have your own logo yet, it’s time to start thinking about making one!) A logo helps customers recognize a brand and encourages them to engage with it. To succeed at this, it needs to be as memorable as possible.

Two-letter logos are one of the easiest types of logos to remember, because they use the brand’s initials to create a cool symbol. The best part is that there are endless ways to combine letters or adapt them into other images.

With so many options, it can be tough to choose how your two-letter logo should look. The experts at Company Folders, a printer that also specializes in logo design services, are stepping in to help with this handy guide to creating lettermark logos. It showcases 31 unique ways to make a two-letter logo—so you can pick the style that’s just right for you.

two letter logo infographic

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