4 Different Ways to Use AI for Your Website – For Free

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If you want to build a website, enhance a website you already have, or get back into the website game after a while out of it, you will find that you are going to hear a lot about AI and what it can do for your website. And while you can pay for some premium AI services to really take your website and content to the next level, you can also get by simply using free software and taking advantage of that. 

Here are some of the best ways you can use AI to complete your website, all without spending a dime!

1. Creating AI Images

This is all the rage right now with AI. Why spend time paying for someone to create an image for you, or have to struggle through finding the image yourself or creating it yourself, when you can just click a button and have AI create an image for you without any delay. It can be pretty fun to see what the artificial intelligence makes and how it interprets the various clues and commands that you give it. 

If you want to make AI images, then do so, especially for an image heavy site. Also, don’t be afraid to focus on changing up the keywords and search terms you are going to use, because you might get some different but interesting results.

2. Generate Titles and Ideas

Look, even if you have your website about the most interesting thing in the world, you will still deal with writer’s block and other major issues that prevent you from writing posts and content.

So if you are stuck, you can go to an AI writer and have it generate some ideas for you. There are tons of ways you can ask the AI to help outline your content, from providing a bullet pointed list to making sure that your article stays on topic with an outline.

You can even generate ideas and sift through them in order to get your writer’s block removed. So don’t be afraid to use the limitless brain power of the internet to see what you can come up with for your articles and posts.

3. Create Your Business Logo

Coming up with the logo for your business might just be the hardest thing you will need to do. For starters, you probably have some idea in your head about what you want the logo to be. Maybe a few colors, a vague shape, a slogan for your business, and a mascot.

But feeding all of that to an artist and trying to get a commissioned logo, or attempting to create the logo yourself can be very difficult. So don’t be afraid to ask for AI’s help again and turn all of those parts you have into a dedicated logo.

Once again you can enter all the parts you have into the AI and see what it creates. You will eventually find a combination that works for you, and you can then create your perfect logo!

4. Completing The Tedious Tasks

Alright, hosting a website isn’t all fun and games all the time. Instead you need to sometimes take on the tedious and boring tasks that come with running a website. These can include tagging images, completing SEO, reviewing and moderating comments, and making sure that all your uploads happen on time.

Of course, these tasks can be extremely time consuming at best, and mind numbingly boring at worst. So if you need to ensure that your time is protected and put together effectively, you need to use AI in order to handle all of these tasks.

You can use AI to power image recognition in your website, use AI to moderate comments to make sure that spam and bots go in the trash and don’t see the light of day, and can ensure that your articles are 100% tagged and ready to go with SEO.

Even if you love image creation and writing your own articles, you need to make sure that your time is protected. So why not do those things more often, and allow all the background website stuff to be done by the AI? It isn’t as hands off as you might think, and you can still maintain control while letting all of the background work do its thing.

Focus On The Positives Of AI And Your Website Will Grow!

If you enhance your website by using the power of artificial intelligence, you will find that your website is able to grow much faster than you might think, all without you having to put in a ton of extra work and time on your end. While AI isn’t perfect and you might need to step in a few times, it can help to enhance your website and can be a very valuable tool.

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