Free images of Food and Drinks for CookBook app

In our earlier posts, we have written about sources of high resolution images and sites that provide royalty free images. I am sure you would have found plenty of beautiful, high-quality images on these sites for using in your apps, promotional images, websites and other commercial projects.

Today, I have hand-picked a bunch of free images of food and drinks from above sites that would make a great choice while designing an app themed around food and dining, for example, a cook book (cookery) app, restaurant app or a recipe app.

1. Images of drinks and cocktails

You can use following images to spice up your app based on drinks and cocktails. These images of wine and champagne glasses will be a good fit for splash screen, app landing screen or as app background. You can also use them as cover image for the cocktail category of a restaurant app.


Download this free image of glass for wine from Picjumbo

free images of food and drinks

Download this free image of champagne from IM Creator


Download this free image of wine glasses from Pixabay

2. Images of breads and baking

Whether you are making an app on pastry recipes, bread making, cake recipes or baking muffins and cupcakes, these images will definitely add to the visual appeal of your app.


Download this free image of cutting bread from IM Creator


Download this free image of dough from IM Creator


Download this free image of baking from Picjumbo


Download this free image of tasty and colorful muffins from Picjumbo

3. Images of pizzas and pastas

Working on an app on Italian cuisine recipes? I’m sure these images of pastas and pizzas will help you a great deal in designing your app. Also, they would make beautiful cover pictures of the Italian cuisine section of a restaurant app or a cookery app.


 Download this free image of pasta rocket mozzarella from IM Creator


 Download this free image of pizza cutter from IM Creator


Download this free image of penne with peso from IM Creator

4. Images of desserts

These delicious images will be a great addition to the apps on dessert recipes. You can also use them in your cookbook app or restaurant app as cover images of the desserts category.


 Download this free image of a piece of honey cake from Picjumbo

free-image-jelly-imcreatorDownload this free image of strawberry jelly and blueberries from IM Creator


Download this free image of cream cakes from IM Creator

5. Images of coffee beans and coffee cup

Designing an app for coffee lovers? Take a look at these images of coffee beans and coffee cup that will add to the aroma of your apps like coffee shop locator or an app on coffee-art.


 Download this free image of roasted coffee beans from Pixabay


Download this free image of cup of coffee from IM Creator


Download this free image of coffee art from IM Creator

6. Images of ingredients

No cookbook app will be complete without images of ingredients. Following images of fresh harvest and general ingredients will definitely up the visual impact of your recipe app or cookbook app.


Download this free image of ingredients from IM Creator


Download this free image of mmmmm harvest…- Fort Collins, Colarado from IM Creator


Download this free image of pasta from IM Creator

I hope these free images will help you in designing your app based on food and drinks. Or maybe they will inspire you to go ahead and create your own recipe app or cookbook app if you’ve not given it a thought yet. If you are a Windows store developer then you can also use CookBook and Restaurant app templates for Windows 8. And, if you liked this post or found it useful then please share it with others.

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