What Beginner SEOs Need to Know About Link Juice

seo link juice

SEO is very important.  It ensures that a site ranks high in search engines when a search for a related keyword phrase is made. One of the most important parts of SEO is link building, where you make a guest post either on a publisher site or another website that includes a link back to your site. The key here, with this link building, is that the more authority sites (sites that rank high) that you have, the more credible your site is going to become. In this post we’ll provide a guide to seo link juice to help beginners understand this process better.

Internal linking

It’s unfortunate that most people concentrate on the links coming from external sources to their site and forget that they have a pool of link juice waiting within their own site. These are popular pages on your website that have a lot of link juice that you can tap into through the process of internal linking

Just like many other SEO processes, internal linking starts with a keyword search. You need to come up with a few keywords that you want to link before finding pages on your website that feature those keywords. From here, identify the pages that have the potential to pass the most authority. There are many different tools that can help you in this process including:

SEO review tools

This is an important tool that finds domain and page authority for a given URL. The tool can also provide you with information on the total number of links that are connected to your page. As well, the good thing with this tool is that, it comes with a bulk authority checker that lets you search for about 10 pages in one go.  

Small SEO tool

This tool is important because it scores the link authority of the submitted URL out of 100.  And just like the SEO review tool, it is simple and easy to use. This makes it simple to use even for those with little experience on creating authority links. In addition, small SEO tool is free and therefore a bargain for the help it provides.

Ahrefs site explorer

The Ahrefs site explorer is another tool that you can use to find domain rating, page rating and inbound links for your page. It was developed by Ahrefs and comes with a subscription plan. And just like the other tools above, Ahrefs site explorer is simple and straightforward to use.

When you have a list of target keywords and authority pages, you can then proceed to connect your link juice. This is done by placing links to your pages through the use of anchor text. Anchor text is the keyword phrase that you will link to the high-ranking page on your site. However, it should be noted that you should avoid using exact keyword matches as this could look spammy to a search engine. And where there may not seem to be many options, use synonymous keywords instead.

On the other hand, you need to remove any unnecessary outbound links from your pages. This is because the amount of value a page can pass is equally divided by the number of links on that page. Therefore, adding only important links will help increase the overall value of those links.

How to maximize on your link juice

As we mentioned above, link juice is a very important part of SEO.  Link juice needs to be an integral part of the strategy for increasing your search engine ranking.  You can maximize on your link juice in two ways:

Maximize your existing link juice

Many marketers put a lot of attention on inbound links but ignore the benefits that the existing link juices can bring to their website. If you looked into your existing web pages, you could find that you have tones of link juices that are quietly waiting to be redistributed to other pages. To maximize on your existing link juice, it is advisable to come up with a list of keywords that are relevant to the page before linking them up with other pages on the site.

Add more link juice for your pages.

The other way to maximize on link juice is to find more links to connect with your site. Luckily there are many methods for adding backlinks to your site. First, you can guest post on publisher sites and add a link that connects back to your site. This will give your site more link juice. Also, you can use adverts. In this method, you share links to your site through online advertisements.

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