How to Find the Best Talent? 5 Tips for HR Professionals & Businesses

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For an employee to be successful and to ensure maximum impact on the organization, every company should have a relevant recruitment plan. To achieve the same, the company should have a relevant HR team and experienced HR managers to improve the overall recruitment process. 

Every company strives to possess the best-available talent for its team. As a company hires the right employees, it helps in enhancing the company culture. It also pays back a company a thousand times over in the form of boosted employee morale, affirmative positive thinking, and accomplishment of challenging goals. It also ensures that you are making the most of your time & energy in establishing new relationships with the right employees. 

Best Strategies to Hire the Right Talent

A startup or an organization has all its hopes on the initial group of employees. These employees work hard for making the organization successful in the market while making it grow rapidly. If the staff is flawed, it will directly affect the overall growth of the company. Therefore, it is imperative for HR managers and professionals to find the right talent in the first instance itself.

Here are some tips:

1. Hiring the Right Person:

Whatever the HR team will do, it is expected out of them to ensure the best hire. It is an important practice to consider under all possible conditions. When wrong resources are hired, the business can expect major losses –especially if it is a startup organization. As per a study report, it is believed that around 46 percent of new hires fail within the span of 18 months. It is something that should not be ignored. 

Hiring the right talent for the right job is critical for the overall success of the company. This is because it helps in defining the future hiring process of the company. The initial hire that you make should be flawless for allowing the business to function at its best potential. Moreover, strategic hiring is vital. It is important to hire the right talent ‘right’ before the requirement, and not ‘long before’ and also, not after. 

2. Look Out for Multi-tasking Gene

Organizations nowadays tend to feature diverse working cultures. They are a different game altogether. When businesses are hiring new employees, HR managers should be on the lookout for multi-tasking talent in the candidates. The ideal candidate is regarded as the one who would not hesitate in taking initiatives on some tasks.

You also need to make sure that the prospect is capable of understanding the company culture. Explain to the employees in detail about the overall work environment of the organization. They should get a good understanding about the functioning of your company. It can help you in deciding whether or not the candidate is good enough to adapt to the working culture of the company.

3. Pay At Least As Much as the Competitors

Ensure that the compensation package of your company is competitive within the industry as well as the company type. Focus on what sets your company apart from all other parties involved in the industry. Moreover, if a specific aspect of what you are offering tends to lag, make the candidates the reason behind the same. Then, it is recommended to work with the senior management team for improving the overall offerings. 

You should aim at creating a competitive compensation package for reflecting your culture. Then, put lucrative amounts in front of the candidates at the beginning. Most likely, you might have to negotiate less. Make sure that you are supplementing the money discussion with some additional workplace benefits that you are offering. Some of the benefits will include autonomy, flexibility, the overall workspace environment, and so more. When you highlight what you are offering is attractive, you can help in drawing attention from where you do not expect. 

4. Consider Hiring Part-time Contributors

If the full-time talent you are seeking is quite difficult to find or immensely expensive to hire, then you can fill every open position with multiple part-time talent. The part-time employees should have filled the gig economy. One of the major cultural shifts for any company can be the acceptance of new employees. 

The leaders should make sure that whatever amount of time workers are capable of offering the company, it is quite rewarding and worthwhile. The approach aims at recognizing that people tend to make hasty decisions or even poor career choices. Then, they seek to return to their previous jobs once they understand their mistake. A company should allow people to grace in the rapidly-evolving economy. 

5. Simplify the Process of Job Application

Online applications, in some cases, can appear daunting and complicated. Such applications might result in the loss of top and the most talented applicants. Companies can even end up losing money due to abandoned applications in case they are operating under the model of cost-per-click approach.

While there are specific consequences, online job application systems that are poorly designed are a major problem. It is estimated that around 60 percent of job seekers go forward with quitting in the middle of filling out complicated online job applications. It could be due to the complexity or length of the application form, and various other factors. 

Thankfully, most companies are increasing completion rates by as much as 300 percent by minimizing the length of the process to around 5 minutes or even less. It is recommended to make the online job application process simple, mobile-friendly, and fast. 


It is worth considering that recruitment is more important now than ever before. HR is expected to be highly focused towards bringing into effect the right and the best-available candidates in any given industry. Talent is regarded as the lifeblood of any company. Without it, you cannot expect your business to survive. The stronger the recruited talent is, the better is the future of the business.

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