10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Website for Your App

If you have an app published in any of the app stores (android, iOS or Windows), and you don’t have a website yet, then it is time to invest in one. There are many reasons why you would want a website for your mobile app, and we will take a look at some of these reasons below.

why app website

1. Helps build your brand

A website helps in building up your brand image. A well designed website is helpful in increasing your brand’s presence and allows your users to explore more about you and gain trust in your products, services and apps.

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2. Lets people find you online

Many people use search engines to find things online, and you wouldn’t want to be left out. A search-engine optimized website about your app can help you gain users through searches. Even users of your app may want to find your website online in order to reach out to you or to learn more about your apps.

3. Stay ahead of competition

Guess what? Your competitors have a website and you don’t. Why miss out on any source of new users/customers for your app. If your competition has a website and you don’t have one, chances are, users will find their app easier than yours.

4. Reach new target markets

If your app is limited to just one marketplace, you may think that there is no need to invest in a website. But, what if you plan to target new app stores? In order to be prepared for targeting new markets, you definitely need a website which can become the goto place to be shared with your potential users, rather than the app store page.

5. Improved communication with customers

If you want to improve your communication with your customers, then a website definitely plays an important role. By way of blog post comments, forum posts, or contact forms, users can reach out to you about the difficulties they may be facing in your app, and you can employ resources in resolving them before they leave a bad rating for your app. Your website can also list your social network pages where users can reach out to you.

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6. Notifying users about updates of your app

A blog is a great way to write details about the latest updates in your app. You can also use it to notify your users about upcoming updates, changes in pricing, or any deals/discounts. A blog also increases engagement with your users and being transparent about your app updates and upcoming features will make your user trust you even more.

7. Publish content for more traffic and users

Not only does a blog help in user engagement, but it can also serve the purpose of acquiring new users. Get relevant content published on your website’s blog which is useful for the users in your niche. Once they will find out your article, through search engines or social networks, chances are, they will download your app to check it out.

8. Gain insight from users

Publishing regular content on your website about your app will attract readers who will leave comments telling you why they chose you. They may even leave comments about why they prefer your competitor over your product. All this insight will be great in helping you take decisions to make your own app better.

9. Helps in advertising

A website is quite useful when it comes to advertising about your product. Instead of advertising the app store page URL, you should advertise the landing page URL of the app on your website. Make sure to do conversion optimization on this landing page. Check out ‘Awesome App’ template which is a well designed conversion optimized free app landing page template.

10. Increase your revenue

Are you limiting your products and services to be app only? Well it is time, to offer them on your website too. This will help you increase your sales and can get you better revenue as you won’t have to give a cut to the app marketplace.

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