Starting a Web Design Project? This Infographic may help

If you are starting your first web design project for a client and are in need of some expert advice in order to deliver successfully and professionally, you are in luck as designmodo has come up with this great infographic which explains exactly that.

Delivering a Web Design project to a client and doing it all alone means that you are the one responsible to track and execute all the different phases of the development cycle. Starting with gathering the requirements from the client to testing and launching a finished product, this infographic touches all the stages of the web design process from start to finish.

In case you are not able to read the infographic here, click on it to go to the original source which has a larger version of it along with more detailed explanation.

how to start web design project

Source: designmodo

Delivering a great web design project to the client requires skill as well as experience. Having this Infographic, which comes from experienced web designers, as reference can be helpful in managing your own first web design project and making it a success.

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