8 Strategic Ways to Use Your Email Signature to Amplify Your Online Marketing Efforts

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Did you know you can use email signatures to support your existing email and other online marketing efforts?

It’s true. 

According to data, 62% of business owners and marketers promote their brands through email signatures. 

However, it takes more than placing your logo and links to your website to raise brand awareness and drive traffic. 

You need strategic tactics to use your email signatures to amplify your online marketing initiatives. 

A solid email signature marketing strategy can also ensure that your signature becomes a factor that makes an email marketing campaign effective.  

Continue reading to find out how.

1. Use email signatures to grow your social media following

Besides your website, you can use your email signatures to direct your subscribers and recipients to your company’s social media pages. 

Add clickable social media icons to your email signatures to help increase your social media followers and even boost your engagement opportunities. 

You can take inspiration from and use free email signature templates

email signature
Image source: wisestamp.com.

Most templates include popular social media icons and links you can easily replace with your own. They’re quick and easy to customize with no coding involved.   

Including social media icons and links in your email signatures is a great way to direct people to your social profiles easily. 

Visiting your social profiles and pages can help your prospects learn more about your brand and convince them to follow you. 

You’ll get more chances to connect and engage with them and, in turn, win them over. 

2. Leverage email signatures to generate leads

You can always do more to generate new leads, and one way to expand your efforts is to leverage your email signatures.

Include a lead capture element or simple form in your email signatures to help generate quality leads. 

For example, you could add a link to your upcoming webinar’s registration page, gated content, lead capture landing page, and others. 

However, ensure your email content is relevant to your email signature lead generation campaigns. 

Your subscribers and email recipients will likely appreciate and act on your invitation to join your webinar and other lead-generation efforts more when they see additional value from your offer. 

3. Utilize email signatures to raise brand awareness

Raise brand awareness and promote your business with your email signatures. 

If you run banner ads, you can refine them and turn them into a format and version suited to your email signatures. 

Many email signatures and marketing software allow you to do this easily. 

You can also include recent awards or recognition for your brand in your email signature. 

The email signature from Jade Mountain Resort is a classic example. 

email signature
Image source: customerthermometer.com.

It’s a tasteful yet strategic way to promote your brand in email signatures. 

It helps establish your brand’s reputation, drive audience recognition, and nurture trust with your potential customers. 

4. Book more meetings and calls through your email signatures

Don’t limit your efforts to get more prospects to book a sales call or meeting with your sales team on your website. 

Expand your initiatives by adding a “Book a Call” or “Book a Meeting” button to your sales representatives’ email signatures. 

It’s a quick and convenient way for prospects to schedule a meeting with your sales reps. 

Plus, it helps your sales team get more calls while getting other prospects through your main channels. 

5. Promote your events on your email signatures

While you can send emails dedicated to promoting your events, you can also share your event promotions in your email signatures. 

Include event promotions for your upcoming flash sales, product launch, virtual seminar, conferences, contests, and more in your email signatures. 

email signature
Image source: hubspot.com.

Adding event announcements in your email signatures can be an excellent way to get more eyeballs and signups to your event. 

Include links that take your prospects directly to your landing or sign-up page to encourage them to join or participate in your event.

Also, include relevant information in your email signature event promotion—enough to intrigue and entice your prospects to click and learn more. 

6. Advertise your referral campaigns in your email signatures

Get more people to learn about and join your referral campaigns by promoting them through email signatures. 

For example, you could run a referral campaign that rewards customers with a 15% discount when they refer someone to your brand.

You can add this promotion as a banner in your email signatures. 

It’s an excellent way to promote your referral campaigns to more audiences while expanding your brand’s reach and getting more referrals

7. Gather customer feedback via an email signature survey form

Leverage your email signatures to hear from your customers. 

You can create interactive email banners with a rating scale or a short feedback questionnaire. 

Keep your email signature rating scale or form simple and short to make it easy and enticing for customers to answer. 

The one-click customer experience form below is a good example. 

email signature
Image source: marcomrobot.com.

You can also include a link to a complete customer survey form or questionnaire for customers who want to give more comprehensive feedback. 

Also, entice customers to leave feedback by displaying a review from previous satisfied customers somewhere in your email (as long as it’s relevant to your email content). 

8. Share your new website content in your email signatures

Promote your recently published blogs, articles, and other relevant content on your website in your email signatures to get more visits and views.  

You can include a link to your article or blog post in your email signature. 

It’s a great channel to distribute your content on, expanding your content’s reach and increasing your traffic.

You can also promote other content types, such as your Facebook Live events, podcast series, and YouTube videos.  

Do and gain more with your email signatures

A solid strategy and a bit of creativity can help you leverage your email signatures to support your email and other marketing initiatives.  

Start simple, like this guide’s tips, and find out which tactics work best for your marketing campaigns.

Don’t miss the chance to do more with your email signatures—from boosting your website traffic and increasing your social media followers to booking more sales calls and meetings.

Cover Photo by Sora Shimazaki

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