10 Free Travel Lettering Vectors for You to Take on the World

For all those infected with the travel bug, the Freepik Travel Letterings freebie is made for you. Full of sayings in decorative letterings these will ignite your adventurous spirit. They say travel is an education and with these inspiring letterings you could learn a thing or two. They can add a sense of purpose and enterprise to even the dullest of days.

There is a world out there to be explored and this freebie is a great testament to this. Each lettering design is both eye-catching and captivating. They can brighten up any corner and are perfect for home or work use. Each lettering is adorned with a range of charming motifs related to exploring and travel. From vintage suitcases that will pack you off in style to alluring globes waiting to be turned. The world is your oyster and this freebie is there to remind you of that.

Perhaps you are saving for your travels or just need a little reminder of that unforgettable adventure. Well, this freebie would be perfect to create mugs, framed pictures, bags and many things more. Even better they are hundred percent free and you can find even more on the Freepik website. So be bold, be brave and be adventurous with the travel letterings freebie.


Below you can preview all the lettering designs included with the freebie pack, download them all beneath the preview.

free travel letterings vector 1


Download the freebie using the button below. The downloadable zip archive includes 10 elegant lettering designs related to travel in vector AI, EPS and 2000×2000 JPG image formats.


The freebie is free to use in personal and commercial projects, to share and modify. In exchange, it is necessary to credit the original creation: “desgined by Freepik.com”

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