Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2018 to Lookout For [Infographic]

As the year enters into 2018, web design also enters a new era and as a web designer or a developer, you may want to keep an eye on these 10 web design trends that will pick up the pace or will be dominating this year. Do note that, these are predictions based on the trends seen in 2017 and you would be better off applying your own judgement before incorporating them in your own web design projects.

2017 saw many new web design trends as well as some going out of practice. What will be the trend in the year 2018? Which technologies will influence website design and development the most? Let us look at the infographic below to have some answers.

web design trends 2018 infographic
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Web Design Trends in 2018

The landscape of web design is changing and users have started to recognize websites which offer “good user experience” as opposed to a poorly implemented website with scattered information and obsolete stock images. In order to gain trust of your users, it is important to stay on top of the current and future web design trends. Keeping that in mind, find below the top 10 trends that will dominate web design the most in 2018:

1. Expressive Typography and Bright Colors

Expressive Typography, bright colors and bold design, theses web design trends will continue to dominate and will be adopted by more websites in 2018 to grab attention of visitors as well as to leave a lasting impression.

2. Interactive Animations

Interactive animations play an important role in engaging the user, especially on-scroll animations as they help in increasing the duration users explore a website. This in-turn increases conversion rates, hence interactive scroll triggered animations are here to stay and increase their presence on websites in 2018.

3. Photo Content

It’s 2018, and you should stop using stale stock photos and instead aim for a personalized photo-shoot to leave a mark on your visitors. At the very least, you can make use of many free high quality image websites offering images that don’t look stock photos. Some of these sites include Unsplash and Pixabay.

4. UX Writing

Textual elements in UX design also play important role in conversion and thus must be done by UX professionals. This is something that websites will start giving importance to in 2018.

5. Cinemagraphs

Use of animated images, motion videos and web animations is on the rise and will continue to gain dominance due to their intrinsic nature of engaging with the user.

6. Scalable Vector Graphics

With the rise of high resolution devices, scalable vector graphics (SVG) have proven to be better alternatives to raster graphics when it comes to being displayed on varying screen sizes. This is why they will gain bigger reach as web designers will understand their importance and adopt them in their design.

7. Voice User Interface and Search

Voice based user interface has grown in 2017 due to the presence of voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. This trend has been picked up in web design as well and we have started to see more and more sites adopting voice based user interface and search in 2018.

8. VR Videos

Virtual Reality (VR) has proven to be an interesting way to engage with the user. With the availability of cheaper headsets, VR will penetrate into web design and websites will adopt it to provide richer experience of their products to the user.

9. Chatbots & IOT

Chatbots saw huge growth in 2017 and there are many chatbot discovery sites that allow you to learn about chatbots available on different platforms. We are seeing high rate of adoption of chatbots in websites in order to assist the user. Further, with the rise of IOT and billions of connected devices, web accessibility will most likely see a paradigm shift.

10. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has emerged as a big design trend especially since it promises to bring app like features in websites. With no installation required, many websites will adopt PWAs over native apps.

Staying up to date with the latest technologies and web design trends is a necessity for any web designer or developer and we have tried to highlight many aspects that are likely to shape the future of web design in 2018. You may want to take a look at these top web design and development blogs, as they can help you in keeping you in sync with the latest web design trends.

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