How to Choose the Perfect Name for your Business

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You could have a great product or service idea for your business, but without the right name, you may not even get your dreams off the ground. A good business name should be simple, catchy, and easily recognizable. The message that your business name sends out to your potential customers can either make or break you.

Establishing your brand can be a challenge. When you start with a solid name behind your venture, you can get your message out easier and begin building trust and credibility. You should be focusing on your future success and the connection that you can make with your audience when you are choosing your name.

It’s important to do your research before settling on your business name. Choosing a name that is similar to an existing business can cause confusion and even legal issues down the road. Once your name has been selected, you can move forward to other tasks like buying a domain name, checking out some logo inspiration to design a logo and attracting your first customers. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect name for your business.

Do Your Research

Your search for the right business name should start online. It’s important to do a thorough internet search for any companies that may already be using the name that you want. It’s important not to duplicate an existing business name. You may have trouble with your trademarking and registration without a name that is unique just to you.

If your name is similar to a company that already exists, you could end up losing customers before they even find you. Make sure to check local businesses as well as international firms to be sure that there is no repetition. You don’t want customers ending up on one of your competitor’s pages instead of yours because they searched for the name but clicked on the wrong link because the name was the same or similar to yours.

Buy Your Domain

Once you choose a name that is not already in use, it’s time to set up your website. For this, you will need to buy a domain name for your business. You may have to get a bit creative to avoid any duplications online. If possible, your business name should appear in your domain name as well as your email address for correspondence with customers.

It’s important to get your business established on social media. The biggest social media business platforms with powerful reach around the world are Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Create accounts for your business using your name as your tag line or page name to help draw in a larger audience.

Keep It Simple

Business names with unusual spellings or that are tough to pronounce should be avoided. Simple is always better. The easier your name is to remember, the more likely you are to get your message out to a wider audience. No one is going to be able to effectively recommend your product or service if they can’t remember the name of your company.

Try to stick with the standard spellings of words. When you get too creative with your name it can work against you. People who are searching online for your company may not be able to find you if they are typing in the wrong spelling for your company.

Catchy Not Cheesy

It’s okay to be creative when you are trying to choose a business name. Cheeky plays on words are fine but try to stay away from anything too cheesy or unusual. You want your future customers to take you seriously and your name should reflect your commitment and dedication to your customers.

Get Advice

If you are having a tough time choosing just one name, it can be helpful to get some advice. You may choose to work with a marketing company that can help you to get organized and inspired. Or, you can make a list of your favorite names and try them out on colleagues and friends to get important feedback.

Take your time and try a few different things before you make your choice. Once your name is chosen it will act as the ambassador to your brand. It’s important to choose a solid name that can grow with your company in the future.


Choosing your business name is an important first step for any owner or entrepreneur. The name is the foundation on which you will build your empire so it requires serious consideration with a focus on the future. Take your time, be creative and get advice from people that you trust to help you choose the best name for the company of your dreams.

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