6 Development Resources for Educators

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As a teacher, it’s always good to sharpen your teaching skills so that your students can get the best version of you. There are various development resources available online and offline, which can be of great help to any innovative teacher. They include;

1. Adobe EdEx

Adobe education exchange has made a name for itself for being a comprehensive and all-inclusive learning platform. With adequate learning resources and materials, an educator is guaranteed to learn something new every time.

Adobe education exchange also includes free workshops for teachers, which train teachers to be more organized and plan their time at school more efficiently. This will enable teachers to have more time to focus on their students and what they might be missing.

The workshops also shape educators to increase their interaction with their students rather than concentrating on paperwork.

2. EdTech School

As a teacher, with technology constantly advancing, you want to ensure that you’re keeping up with everything. Using technology in your teaching can help enhance the relationships you have with your students.

EdTech posts YouTube videos on their channel on how you can integrate your teaching methods with technology for more efficiency, and it’s worth checking out. Technology in your classroom will elevate how students see you in class.

They’ll begin to see you as more of a coach and content expert, thus making their learning more fun. When students enjoy your teaching in class, you’re guaranteed even better results from them.

3. Edutopia

Edutopia is a useful development resource for teachers because it helps them know what works and what doesn’t. This educational blog also talks about the emotional and social part of the teaching process and how teachers need to get in touch with their emotional side.

In this blog, teachers can share knowledge, experiences, and tips to better their teaching skills. Edutopia also involves topics about educational leadership and teacher development.

4. TechThought

TechThought is a development resource for educators that is all about learning better. It encompasses topics about learning, critical thinking, teaching, and the future of education.

In this blog, teachers broaden their knowledge in different teaching aspects for their students’ benefit. TechThought also has podcasts where teachers can follow to learn about new trends they should adopt in their teaching.

5. BookWidgets blog

This blog is filled with inspirational stories for teachers and lesson ideas. In this blog, teachers learn about useful tips they can use to make their classes more engaging. The blog also has articles about educational technology and how it’s bound to revolutionize teaching.

6. Joy of Professional Learning (JPL)

This website is guided by the mission to change how professional teaching and learning takes place. The website has plenty of professional development e-books that guide teachers on how to be learners to teach better.


If you’re a teacher or an aspiring one, these development resources are very helpful. They’ll guide you to develop skills and gain the knowledge you need to address all your students’ learning challenges.

Cover Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels

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