Material Design, Google’s visual language, emphasizes on use of animations, shadows, bold colors and typography to allow users to easily comprehend the interface and provide them a delightful experience. Many of you would have seen material design principles in action in revamped Android apps from Google like Gmail and Chrome browser.

In case you are planning to embrace material design language in your own Android app interface, web app or website design, this post brings free Material Design icon packs for you. As an app developer and designer, we recommend you read Google’s design specifications which provides in-depth guidelines for designing system icons (or UI icons) as well as product icons (or your app icons).

In this post, we round up free material design user interface icon sets, towards the end you will find material design icon font resource and Sketch template as well. You may also want to check out our earlier post where we covered Material Design Web UI frameworks and Bootstrap themes for your web development needs.

1. Material Design Icons by Google

The first on our list is the material design system icons open-sourced by Google on GitHub. There are around 750 UI icons that are commonly used in app interfaces including icons for communication, media playback and connectivity. Downloadable zip archive contains SVG versions of all icons, SVG & CSS sprites and PNGs for all density devices.

official material design icons

2. Material Design Icons Expanded (color version)

This is a set of colored versions of Google material design icons courtesy, IconShock. The free icon pack includes 757 colored material design icons in SVG and PNG (4 sizes) formats. On buying its pro version, you can get the full expanded pack of 1439 icons along with SVG & AI source file and PNGs in 8 sizes.

colored material design icons

3. Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons, an open source project maintained by Austin Andrews, is a repository of material design icons contributed by different designers. It includes Google’s official material icon sets as well. These icons can be downloaded as SVG, XAML for Windows as well as PNG icon files for Android. You can also become a contributor or send in your icon suggestions to them on GitHub.

material design icons

4. Android L Icon Pack

Android L Icon Pack by Icons8 has over 1100 free icons. These cover material design icons for sports, astrology, business, e-commerce and many more. The icons can be downloaded in PNG format, you can even get the icons served from their CDN. Vector icons, font generation and SVG embed are available on buying the icon set.

android lollipop icons

5. System Icons – Material Design

A free pack of 20 Material system icons created by Walmyr Carvalho. The icons can be downloaded as PNG files. If you use Sketch feel free to download the Sketch source file as well.

system icons material design

6. Free Material Design Icon set

This free icon set by WebHostFace includes color-injected material icons for weather conditions, location and media. The icons are available in PNG format in 3 sizes – 64×64 px, 128×128 px and 256×256 px.

material design icon pack

Bonus resources

As an added bonus, below we are listing down material design icon font resource and Sketch template.

Material Design Iconic Font

material design icon font

Material Design [Free .Sketch Template & Icons]

material design sketch template

Get inspired with MaterialUp

Need inspiration for your next material design themed app or website? Or, want to see what designers are coming up with Google’s design language. Do check out MaterialUp, created by Matt Aussaguel. It showcases mobile apps, websites and concepts themed around material design and is an excellent place to get daily dose of inspiration.

There you go! You can always look up these sites with over 100,000 free icons for your icon needs. If we have missed any useful material design icon pack that you would like to see in this list, then let us know by leaving your comment below.

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