How To Create E-Commerce Discount Popups in 2022

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E-commerce discount popups are a necessary and important element of any online store. Without them, the customer will not know about the sale or special offer you are running. It is important for online stores to keep their customers engaged as much as possible, so it’s a good idea to use a well-designed popup for your store. Keep reading to learn how to create E-commerce discount popups in 2022 in the right way.

Why Are E-Commerce Discount Popups So Important?

The use of discount popups is on the rise, and for a good reason. Discount email popup provides an opportunity to tap into a more impulse purchase-oriented audience by offering discounts that are right in front of them when they are looking specifically at your product. Discount popups come in wide varieties and can be used to display discounts specific to individual products or all products on your site.

There are also other discount types like home page offers or welcome offers, location-specific discounts (discounts for customers from specific areas or states), countdown timer popups that encourage shoppers to buy before the time expires for a particular discount; and coupon bars that allow customers to scroll through coupons without ever leaving your site.

Discount popups can be used on many different E-commerce sites: B2C or B2B and are critical to increasing your online sales. Yes, you may get some people who don’t like them, but if you put the discount in front of your customers, especially the ones that have already added items to their cart when they are about to hit the checkout button, then chances are they will buy because they’ve already added everything up in their cart.

Types Of E-Commerce Discount Popups

The discount popup types available are as follows:

Homepage Popups

Homepage discount popups are best used on sites that sell various products and give the users the chance to buy at discounted rates for their entire purchase or for further purchases that they make on that site. These discount popups have a greater exposure rate because they are displayed on the home page and thus more likely to be noticed.

Here, you can use the discount pop-up to give coupons or sales information about specific products or even long-term sales if you want to increase your E-commerce sales in the long run through such campaigns. Just put up attractive offers, and customers will possibly check out your website again to take advantage of them.

Product-Specific Discounts

Product-specific discount popups are used mostly on sites that sell a set amount of similar products, like clothing, accessories, and electronic devices. These popups are an interruption when users visit relevant websites and display discounts on the product they were looking up.

For example, if someone is shopping for shoes, they might get a discount if they decide to buy them over the other similar products you have listed on your site. Thus, it is understood that these discount popups are meant only to increase online sales and don’t require much interaction from the user to go through with the purchase request.

Welcome Offers

Welcome offers are great opportunities to get your site visitors on board with your website and increase E-commerce sales quickly. However, they only work if they are attractive or enticing enough to keep the visitors coming back to your website, which not all E-commerce sites have the ability to do.

Exit Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups are best used for high-value purchases like software, books, and even high-priced products like designer bags and watches. However, these popups can take place on any E-commerce website or web page where a purchase is made through a checkout process or when the user has added an item to their cart and is about to check out.

Cart Abandonment Popups

Cart abandonment is a large issue that E-commerce stores are facing. The idea of abandon cart pop-ups revolves around giving the customer another chance to go through the checkout process after they have abandoned the shopping cart. This can be done in various ways and can be as simple as a notification sent to you by your payment gateway, informing you that a customer has abandoned the shopping cart, or even through a popup that offers another discount on an item if they still decide to pay for them after being warned.

Post Checkout Discounts

This type of popup is used during the checkout process and can be either in the form of a discount or a coupon popup. This type of popup is especially good when you know that the customers will not use their cart on your website but might make a purchase from you some other time in the future. It is also useful for customers who decide to go through the checkout process even though they are about to add an item to their cart to get something else cheaper.

Countdown Timer Popups

This type of popup is meant for individuals shopping for last-minute gifts or people who want something immediately but don’t want to pay full price. If you’re going to use this type of popup on your website, you will have to make sure that the discount is attractive enough and that the visitors can see how much time is left. You will also have to determine if you want the countdown timer to expire so that the visitors get their discount if they decide to check out in time or if you want them to be able to use their coupons after a set time has passed.

The Bottom Line

Basically, these types of popups can be used to increase sales and profits, but it is important to know the pros and cons of each one to avoid making the wrong choice. You will have to determine how each type of popup will work in your store, with your marketing strategy, and on your website.

It is also important that you use popups that are not too distracting so that the users will easily be able to reach the discount products they want instead of getting distracted by a popup that might not help their shopping experience. With the right use and placement, these popups can truly increase your E-commerce sales and provide numerous other benefits for you and your customers.

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