Get MDB UI Kits on Sale – Upto 80% Off for Limited Time

UI Kits from MDB are one of our favorite products. Our own development team uses them as well as recommends them to other developers for developing commercial applications. These UI kits are an easy to use extension of the popular Bootstrap framework done in a complete material design style.

If you were looking to grab yourself a copy of MDB pro products, then this is a good chance to get them on discount. MDB team is running a vacation sale for limited time and is offering upto 80% discount on various products.

This vacation sale for MDB products starts on 22nd July 2019 and will last for 5 days. You can access the sale using this link: MDB Vacation Sale.

Update: The sale has now ended.

mdb vacation sale full


MDB Pro contains 5000+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, SASS files, templates, premium tutorials and many more. We have previously covered this UI Kit in our list of Material Design CSS frameworks.

You will also find mention of templates built with MDB in our collection of Material Design HTML5 Templates. Our development team has used MDB to build templates such as Material Landing and Material App that you can download. Our team also uses and recommends MDB for developing client projects to quickly develop complex UI elements with material design look and behavior.

There are many flavors of MDB that work with popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue.js, Angular and jQuery.

What’s more is you will find ready to use admin dashboard templates which you can use with your popular language of choice. If you are looking to get a material design admin dashboard then MDB is surely a goto choice due to its robust code and professional support.

Hurry up & claim your discount to get one of the most popular UI Kits of the world which is trusted by 1 million+ web developers.

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