Top 20 Material Design Admin Templates for Download (Free & Premium)

Material Design by Google is perfect choice for building web applications and admin dashboards. In this post, we have collected the best Material Design admin templates which are available for free download as well as premium quality admin templates which are easy to customize and offer good support.

As you may already know, Material Design guidelines outline many web UI components, layouts, styles, user interaction behavior and animation. These guidelines play an important role in building a web template with Material Design style. While there are many frameworks for Material Design which are used in web design, the popular ones like MDL, Material Kit (Bootstrap based) and Angular Material stand out in offering a complete Material experience.

Below, we are presenting the best admin dashboard templates which utilize Material Design guidelines at their core and offer a complete toolset for building advanced admin dashboard applications. You may notice that we have listed a lot of premium templates in this article as we believe they offer higher quality, design and better support over the free templates. You can also check out our list of Bootstrap admin templates, AngularJS admin templates and VueJs admin templates for more options in admin dashboard templates.

Free Material Design Admin Templates

Find below a collection of admin dashboard templates which are completely free to download and offer Material Design look and UI elements.

Material Dashboard

Demo & Download

Material Dashboard is a free admin dashboard template by Creative Tim based on Bootstrap with a Material design look and feel. This Material Dashboard template offers 60 components, 2 customized plugins and 3 example pages. This admin template is also licensed under MIT license.

If you want more features, then there is Material Dashboard PRO which offers over 200 components, 15 plugins, 27 example pages, full documentation as well as access to SASS files.

Material Dashboard (Angular 2)

Demo & Download

Material Dashboard Angular 2 is a free admin dashboard template by Creative Tim. It is based on Bootstrap and Angular 2 and incorporates Material Design for its UI elements and components. This Angular based Material admin template offers 60 components, 2 customized plugins and 3 example pages. This free version of admin template is MIT licensed.

If you want more, then be sure to check out Material Dashboard PRO Angular 2 which offers over 200 components, 15 plugins, 27 example pages, full documentation as well as access to SASS files.

Paper Dashboard

Demo & Download

Paper Dashboard is a Bootstrap Admin Panel which combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious cards and graphics. It includes over a dozen components and plugins along with a set of example pages, like the user settings and usage graphics. This free version of admin template is MIT licensed. While it is not completely Material Design, it borrows a lot of good elements from it and will surely wow the audience.

There is a premium version also available for this template which offers extended set of components, plugins and example pages along with full documentation and access to SASS files. Check out the Pro version here:  Paper Dashboard Pro

Alternatively, you may want to check out Paper Dashboard Angular or Vue Paper Dashboard for a AngularJS and Vue.js version of this admin template.

Premium Material Design Admin Templates

Here are some more quality Material Design admin templates that you may consider. All these templates offer clean code and good support from developers. When building an admin dashboard for client, it is generally advisable to pick a premium template which offers good support as well as ease of customization.

MDB Admin Template

mdb admin angular min

Demo & Download

MDB Admin template is a premium material design dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4 and Angular. This admin template is perfect if you are looking for admin templates built with Angular. The template is fully responsive and comes packed with multiple pre-designed pages such as login, register, pricing, customers, profiles, map, settings etc. It offers multiple skins/themes and pre-built components for creating different dashboard views. You also get round the clock support from the developers when you choose to go with this admin template.

Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Demo & Download

Metronic is the top selling admin template based on Bootstrap. It offers the most complete UI components (1,500+) and over 1,000 template pages to save you hours of coding. Metronic offers multiple design styles which includes Material Design. It also offers support for AngularJS as well as jQuery. With fantastic support from KeenThemes and almost a perfect 5 star rating on ThemeForest, this template is definitely our pick of the admin templates.

Material Dashboard Pro

Demo & Download

Material Dashboard Pro is a premium Bootstrap based admin dashboard template by Creative Tim with a Material design look and feel. This Material Dashboard template offers over 200 components, 15 plugins, 27 example pages, full documentation as well as access to SASS files.

You can check out and try the free version of this admin template before buying the premium version, if you want.

Material Dashboard Pro (Angular 2)

Demo & Download

Material Dashboard Pro Angular 2 is a premium Bootstrap based admin template with design inspired by Google’s Material Design. This admin template comes packed with multiple third-party plugins, over 200 components and 27 example pages.

There is a free version available for this admin template which offers 60 components and 3 example pages.

Fuse – AngularJS Material Design Admin Template

Demo & Download

Fuse is a clean and flexible admin dashboard template built with the Angular Material library. It has 10 built-in apps such as calendar, e-commerce dashboard, e-mail, chat, file manager, scrum board and many more. Fuse offers 6 template layouts which include layouts with vertical and horizontal navigation. This multi-language ready template offers easily customizable color schemes and themes.

Triangular – Material Design Admin Template AngularJS

Demo & Download

Triangular is another fine Material Design admin template which has been built with AngularJS. This responsive and translation ready template offers 5 different dashboard designs, 6 template layouts along with many example apps such as authentication pages, user permissions, todo, calendar etc. Included with the template are 700+ Material Design icons and 500+ Font Awesome icons.

Material Design Admin with AngularJS

Demo & Download

This is another Material Design admin template built with Bootstrap and AngularJS. It also works with jQuery and offers multiple color schemes. Powerful layouts are included and build is setup with Bower and Gulp along with Sass CSS for styles which can be easily edited.

Altair Admin Material Design UIkit Template

Demo & Download

Altair is a professional Material Design template for admin dashboards based on the UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template integrates with Bower (package manager), Gulp (streaming build tool) and Handlebars.js (templating system) for easy customization and development.

Zircos – Responsive Admin Template with Material Design

Demo & Download

Zircos is responsive web app UI kit suitable for creating dashboards and admin UI along with regular website sections such as landing pages and blogs. It is built with Bootstrap and jQuery and offers a Material Design version along with a flat version. It has reusable UI widgets, components and ready made pages in different layouts such as horizontal, boxed etc. This fully documented template has clean and modular code which allows you to easily build a web application.

Material Angular Admin Web App with Bootstrap 4

Demo & Download

If you are looking for a Bootstrap 4 based admin template then this is the perfect choice. Based on Bootstrap 4 and AngularJS, this Material Design admin template is available in both light and dark themes along with multiple color schemes. It also offers 70+ pre-built pages as well as landing page template.

Fury – Angular 2 Material Design Admin Template

Demo & Download

Fury is a relatively new, yet impressive Material Design admin template built with Angular 2 and the Angular-CLI. It extends the Material Design components built by the Angular team and offers you everything you need to get started with your next CRM, CMS or dashboard based project.

Primer – Angular 2 Material Design Admin Template

Demo & Download

Primer is a creative Material Design admin template built with Angular 2 and comes out of the box with AoT compilation and lazy loading support, language translation, RTL support along with light and dark color schemes.

Materialize – Material Design Admin Template

Demo & Download

Materialize is another premium quality Material Design admin template which offers huge collection of Material Design widgets, animations, UI Elements and jQuery plugins. It works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones and can be used for custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, SAAS, Support & Social portal, e-commerce, personal business, corporate websites.

Materialism – Angular Bootstrap Admin Template


Demo & Download

Materialism is a Material Design admin template based on Angular JS and Bootstrap 3. The template uses NodeJS, Grunt and Bower for speeding up development process and includes a build script to help you make your changes and build your own version.

Material Admin – Bootstrap Admin HTML5 App

Demo & Download

Material admin is built upon Bootstrap, jQuery and LESS using the Material Design principles. It offers layouts in multiple color schemes and you can even create your own theme with the provided LESS files. – Responsive Material Design Admin

Demo & Download is a responsive Material Design admin template built with AngularJS and Google’s own Material Design framework for Angular. It follows good coding practices and has organized SASS and JavaScript files which are integrated with Grunt and Bower for compilation.

Materil – Angular Material Design Admin Template

Demo & Download

Materil is an admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS and offers Material Design theme for its components. It features nested views & routing along with lazy loading. It has multiple in-built apps such as notes, todo and e-mail inbox. Many jQuery plugins are also included with this template.

Material Lite – MDL with AngularJS Admin Dashboard

Demo & Download

Material Lite is an admin template based on AngularJS and MDL (Material Design Lite by Google). It offers clean design, and page transition for great user experience. CSS is written in SASS to help you organize your CSS code in a structured manner. The template is also compatible with jQuery but it is not required by the template itself. It integrates well with Font Awesome and uses Roboto font for its typography which can be changed if needed.

Recommended Material Design Admin Template

If the above list of admin dashboard templates is overwhelming for you then you can take our recommendation and go with Material Dashboard Pro admin template listed above. This premium quality admin template will allow you to build professional quality admin dashboards with Material Design. There is a free option also available in case you want to check it out before going for the Pro version.

More Choices for Admin Dashboard Templates

While Material Design is certainly a great choice for building large and complex web applications like an admin dashboard, you may also want to consider other design styles such as the flat and minimal design.

We have a handy list of some of the best Bootstrap admin templates, VueJs admin templates as well as AngularJS admin templates which include many free as well as premium options. Do check them out and let us know in case you face any difficulty in accessing any of the admin templates listed above.

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