8 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Online Store Inventory

To manage inventory, you need to use inventory management software, update your website, have regular audits, and estimate your sales.

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Online businesses are becoming mainstream nowadays. Thanks to the development of technology, a lot of entrepreneurs are now eager to start their own business online. But opening and running an online business is no easy task. You need to understand market patterns, product values and, of course, have a suitable domain for your online business.

One of the most important parts of an online business is its inventory. Since you will not have a physical store, you need to be more careful about how you want to organize, monitor, and keep track of your inventory.

If you are having trouble managing your inventory, then this article will help you with some tips.

1. Use Software to Track Items Better

Many online businessmen now use different software to keep track of their products. Spreadsheet software such as Excel is very helpful in keeping an organized and well-sorted record of products. This also ensures that all data regarding your products are safe and secure. 

If you use paper records, you might lose it one day and have to start all over again. But with spreadsheets, your product data can be stored in your online cloud storage and you will never risk losing it. For even better and more efficient management, you can use inventory management systems by Track a Haul.

2. Keep Everything Organized

The best way to manage your inventory is to keep things organized. You may have a variety of products at your disposal but you need to keep track of each of them. If you do not know which products are placed where in your inventory, you might face a lot of problems. 

Disorganization will lead to you not being able to ship products in time, and this will negatively impact your business. You need to place the products in an order that will allow you to easily find them when needed.

3. Group Similar Items

In your product collection, there are bound to be some items that are similar to one another.

For example, if you have a cosmetics business, you can keep all the sunscreens together in one place, put all the lotions in one place, put all hair gels in another place, and so on. This will let you figure out which products are placed where almost immediately. 

Being able to quickly locate where specific products are will make managing your inventory much easier and help you efficiently run your business.

4. Have Regular Audits of Your Inventory

A regular audit will help you keep track of all the products you currently have in your storehouse and all the products you have received from vendors.

This way, there will be very little chance of an item getting lost or stolen. If your storage is large, there is a greater chance of products getting misplaced. But through monthly audits, you will be able to regularly maintain control over your products. 

You will be able to understand which products you have ordered, which products have arrived, and how many products you will be shipping.

5. Estimate Sales for Easier Storage Management

An online business can be unpredictable and anything can happen at any given moment. Still, there are some trends that you can follow to see whether the products at your disposal will see a growth in sales or remain in your storage a bit longer.

If products are not getting sold on time, you will find that your storage is overloaded with products. If there is too much product, it will not be easy to keep track of them. This is why you need to estimate your sales. 

If you have an estimation, you will be able to know how much of your products will be sold. 

With this, you can maintain proper amounts of product. Your store will remain efficient and your storage space or inventory will not become messy with the unneeded surplus.

6. Store the Products in Accordance to Their Shipping Dates

Another great way to manage your storage space is by sorting products by their shipping dates. For example, products that will ship in a few days will be on the front side of the storage space. 

You can keep the products that are yet to be sold or will be shipped after more than a few weeks at the back or the corner of the inventory space. This will help manage your inventory and you will be able to find which products to ship much faster.

7. Have Alternate Storage Options

If your storage has too much product and you are running out of space, you can try some alternate methods. For example, you can try getting yourself a local hub and store your products there. 

You can keep the products there that are locally in demand. This way, it will make shipping much easier. You can also store some products, especially the ones that are small, in your house. Products that are in your house will be much easier to keep track of.

8. Use Software to Keep Your Inventory Updated

Should there be times when you are out of a certain product, you need to update the status of that product. If you do not update the status, then you will lose track of your inventory and may even lose customers.

This is why you need to have an app or software that will keep track of products in your inventory for you. When you run out of a certain product, the software will automatically update the website.

Final Thoughts

Online business is getting quite popular these days. Many people have already started their own online businesses and gained a good amount of profit. And if you want to run a successful online business, you need to maintain your inventory properly. Following the tips mentioned in this article should help you in doing so.

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