Universal Windows app development : Essential Build session videos

It is quite exciting times for Windows Phone and Windows Store developers, as a whole new dimension of universal apps has opened, that allows us to reach across multiple Windows platforms with shared codebase.

As a Windows Platform developer, I am still in the process of digesting the build 2014 announcements, learning about universal windows app development, updating my collection of windows phones to 8.1 dev preview, and having fun times exploring Cortana.

If you are like me and still catching up with the new developer opportunities and learning about universal windows app development, I have brought a list of essential build session videos which may help you get up to speed.

Developing Apps using the Common XAML UI Framework

Presented by Tim Heuer, this video introduces you to the common XAML UI framework for Windows and Windows Phone and highlights the common XAML APIs across Windows and Windows Phone along with some of the device-specific XAML APIs.

Building a Converged Phone and PC App using HTML and JavaScript

In this video, Ryan and Josh from Microsoft walks you through building an application for both Windows and Windows Phone using HTML, JavaScript and the WinJS library.

Using Visual Studio to Build XAML Converged Apps

Explore the concept of shared projects, support for Windows Runtime (WinRT) types and XAML in portable class libraries, and the end-to-end developer experience for building a converged app using the new features in Visual Studio 2013.

Strategies for Developing Cross-Device Applications with Visual Studio 2013

Learn about the tools and technologies that you have available in Visual Studio 2013 for both web and native applications that target Windows, iOS and Android devices, as well as best practices to reuse code and skills across them.

More Videos

All the Build session videos and keynote recordings are available at Channel 9, however the list of videos is quite long. Nokia Developer Ambassador and Microsoft MVP, Lance McCarthy has done the hard work of categorizing all the Build 2014 videos.

A similar grouping of videos has been done by the official Windows developer blog in their Build 2014 highlights post.

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