Weekend Reading – Free images, Free Vector graphics editors and More

Welcome to this edition of Weekend Reading for the week ending Feb 15. At SuperDevResources, we are committed to bring latest and greatest Design, Development, Marketing and Monetization resources for app and web developers. In case you missed any of our blog post or were on a tight schedule, we bring Weekend Reading for you. In this post, we will take a look at the useful resources and tips that we brought for developers in the week gone by.

Last week, we brought for you five sites that offer royalty free images for commercial use. You can use these images in app-design like its background or landing screen to add to the visual appeal. For more such free image sources, you can also check our earlier post on free and high resolution images that can be used for commercial purposes. Make sure you read licensing and attribution rights before downloading and using these images in your app.

We also shared with you free abstract, grainy texture backgrounds that we created using Inkscape and Gimp. You can use these images in your apps, promotional images, websites or in any other way you seem fit.

People identify an app by its logo, designing an effective logo is important since it results in strong branding. Last week, we wrote about some of the best free vector graphics editors that you can use for designing app logos and other graphic assets. Read full post to understand why vector graphics editors should be used for designing app logos and also about great free softwares that are available.

While designing a Windows Phone app’s user experience you may often wonder if there is a standard way of doing it. To help you design user friendly and intuitive Windows Phone apps, we posted about the interaction pattern library made available by UNITiD interaction designers. An interaction pattern is a short guideline of a design solution that has proven itself more than once, read this post to find out more on this as well as pattern libraries available for android and web development.

This was all we had this week for Weekend Reading and we hope you liked it. We love hearing from you. Please do let us know what else you would like to see on this site.

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