Windows Phone Interaction pattern library

Are you designing a Windows Phone app and looking for interaction patterns commonly used on Windows Phone?  UNITiD interaction designers maintain an open Windows Phone Interaction pattern library aimed at interaction designers, who want to design user friendly and intuitive Windows Phone applications.

windows hone interaction pattern

[pullquote-right]”An interaction pattern is a short guideline of a design solution that has proven itself more than once.”[/pullquote-right] While designing an app’s user experience (UX), you may often wonder if there is a standard way of doing it on Windows Phone. For certain complex user interaction scenarios, you may want to know if this interaction scenario has already been solved in the most user friendly manner in some other app.

Windows Phone Interaction Patterns attempts to build a library of re-usable and common interaction patterns of Windows Phone apps and therefore can prove beneficial while designing your app’s user experience.

Every pattern is presented in a wireframe, providing descriptions alongside giving you suggestions on when to use and when to avoid specific patterns. Many scenarios are covered, for example, Dealing with Data, Getting Input, Navigation, Social, etc.

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Open Platform

Built in early 2012, focuses mainly on Windows Phone 7 interaction design (which is still relevant in Windows Phone 8). However is open! And everyone is free to contribute by adding or improving on exisiting patterns.

They also plan to include code examples to allow for easy implementation of the interaction pattern. You can also contribute by providing a link to your code if you have already built something similar.

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