Why Android First Development Makes Sense [Infographic]

Are you thinking of developing an app, product or service on a mobile phone? Are you wondering where to begin, and what will produce the most optimal results? Look no further for the perfect infographic for you, as this will teach you all about why developing on Android first will prove effective for whatever you may be designing! With 7 incredible figures and graphs, this incredible infographic by Rootstrap details all of the ways Android first development will benefit you as you grow your audience and business!

Android has been dominating the market, and it is speculated that it will continue to outweigh Apple’s users for many years to come. App development is an ever-changing and ever-growing market, as technology only learns and grows and becomes capable of more, so if you’re thinking of developing an app or anything else for mobile phones, this is the perfect time and the perfect infographic that will give you everything you need to start developing on Android!

Take the first steps you need to get on the right path of Android app development by checking out this incredible infographic, which is sure to steer you in the right direction and get you going in a positive direction! From R&D to User Acquisition Costs to Data on the most popular Android App categories, this truly does touch on all the pertinent and important information that you’ll need to read before getting started developing on Android! Don’t waste another second reading about what’s in this incredible infographic, and instead go read all about it for yourself, and learn precisely Why Android First Development Makes Sense!

android first development Infographic

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