25 Free Business Card Mockups PSD Download

Designing business cards is an essential part of a branding project. In this post, we present to you a collection of high quality and free business card mockups that you can use to professionally showcase your logo and business card designs to your clients or on your online portfolio.

All these business card mockups have been designed in Photoshop and are available for free download in PSD format. Each mockup contains smart object layers that you can simply edit by double clicking and pasting in your own design. Other elements and details such as background color, texture, shadows and lighting are also customizable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

These business card mockups PSD templates come in a variety of different angles and arrangements like stacked, vertical, floating, etc. to give you plenty of options to choose from. You can use them to depict your design being printed on different materials such as card stock, recycled paper or plastic and even emulate popular imprinting methods including foil stamping, letterpress, and embossing. Read on for a preview and download links for these free PSD business card mockups.

Free Foil Embossing Business Card Mockup

free foil embossing business card mockup

A free business card mockup with foil embossing effect. The mockup’s settings allow you to easily insert your graphic as well as change the foil color to any hue you want. Available for free download in PSD format.


Free Hi-Resolution Business Card Mockup Scene

Minimal Business card mockup

This free mock-up template depicts two business cards placed vertically against a wall and two cards lying flat on a textured surface with realistic reflections and shadows.

This template is ideal for showcasing horizontal as well as vertical card designs as can be seen in the image above. The textured background is also supplied with the free download.


8 Free Organic Business Card Mockups

free organic business card mockups psd

This freebie from our site includes 8 detailed, high-resolution PSD mockup scenes of stacked business cards featuring cardboard texture background and floral elements that give the mockup scenes an organic, natural feel. With these mockups, you can present how your business card design will look when printed on cardboard stock.


Free Modern Business Card Mockup

free modern business card mockup

A clean and modern business card mockup to give a fresh look to your branding design and logotype showcase. Free download includes high resolution PSD mockup template along with help file.


Mote Free Business Card Mockup

mote free business card mockup

Mote is an elegant and stylish free business card mockup that comes with 2 PSD mockup scenes, 3 shadow overlays to add extra realism and 7 background texture options.


16 Free Business Card Mockup Collection

free business card mockup collection

This free mockup package bundles together 16+ business card PSD mockup screens. Pastel floral artworks seen in the preview image are also provided. Free for both personal and commercial projects.


Free Stylish Business Card Mockup

free stylish business card psd mockup

Free business card mockup in PSD format featuring both the sides of a business card, you can easily place your designs using smart objects and present your designs in a classy, stylish way.


Free Letterpress Business Cards Mockup PSD

Mockup of business cards with letterpress effect

Free Photoshop mockup template with a stack of business cards placed over a wooden surface. Perfect to present your card designs with a feel of letterpress printing effects. The wooden background seen in the above image is also included with the download.


Free Square Business Card Mockup

free square business card mockup

A high resolution, realistic PSD mockup for showcasing square business card designs. This mockup is completely free to use in personal and commercial projects.


Free Multiple Business Cards PSD Mockup

multiple business cards free mockup

This free business cards mockup is a set of standard sized business cards placed side by side from 2 different angles: a top shot and a perspective shot. It comes in 5000 x 3500 pixels resolution at 300 dpi and can be used to present both the front and the back designs in high-resolution.


6 Free Business Cards Mockup PSD Templates

6 free mockups for business cards

A set of 6 free mockups with different arrangement settings to present your business card designs in a colorful way. Delivered as layered PSD files. Free for personal and commercial use.


Free Elegant Business Cards Mockup

free elegant business cards psd mockup

A simple and elegant business card mockup PSD free to download and use for your own design presentation. Easy to edit via smart objects. The plant is on a separate layer making it an optional add-on for your mockup.


Stack of Business Cards Free Mockup

Free PSD mockup for a stack of business cards

Free showcase mockup of stacked business cards with side color to present both front and back card designs.


8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups

Clean, minimal business card mockups

Using this set of photo-based mockups you can showcase your business card designs in a minimal setting with grey background. The free download includes 8 PSD files each with different arrangements of business cards.

You can easily place your designs using smart objects. Cards, shadows and reflections, all the objects are fully layered and placed in different groups that can be moved and modified according to your need.


Business Cards on a Clip Free Mockup

Free mockup of business cards held by a clip

A unique mockup of business cards held with a paper clip. The Photoshop template is smart object ready, clip and background colors can be easily modified.


Free Vertical Business Card Photoshop Mockup

Vertical Business Card Mockup

Free presentation mock-up perfect to display vertical business card designs.


Free Perspective Business Cards Mockup

Perspective view mockup for business cards

A free PSD mock-up of business cards in perspective view. The template has the back and front sides of business cards placed side-by-side along with a stack of cards in the middle with realistic shadows. You just need to place your designs inside the smart layers to create a great presentation.


Free Floating Business Cards Mockup

Free Floating/Flying Business Cards PSD Mockup

Showcase your designs in style with this free mockup of gravity defying flying and floating business cards. The PSD file includes two smart object layers for card front and back sides.


Free Business Cards with Box Mockup

Free mockup of Business Cards with box

Free photorealistic mockup of stacks of business cards along with their cardboard box packaging. Ideal to present dark themed business card designs.


Free Scattered Business Cards Mockup PSD

Business Cards scattered across mockup scene

A free presentation mockup with top view of business cards scattered across the background to showcase your designs in an informal, fun way.


Hand Holding Business Card Free Mockup

Free business card in hand mockup

This free PSD template contains a close-up of a business card held by a male hand with studio scene in the background. The mock-up template is ideal to present photography related logo and business card designs.


Isometric Business Card Mockup Free PSD

free isometric business card mockup

An elegant dark theme business card mockup with isometric perspective to showcase your visiting card designs. Available for free download in PSD format.


Free Translucent PSD Business Card Mockup

A high-detailed mockup to depict your business card designs printed on translucent plastic. With separate shadow layers, smart filters to modify depth of field effect and smart layers to place your own designs, the PSD file can be easily edited. The dark textured background is also included with the free download.


Free Business Card with Cutout Mockup

Free mockup for cut-out business card

A high-resolution free PSD mockup of a business card with cut-out look. Use this realistically rendered mockup to showcase your logo on a business card with a cutout effect applied to it. Dimension of this mockup are 5000×3750 px at 300 DPI.


Free Business Card Printed on Recycled Paper Mockup

Free mockup for business cards printed on recycled paper

A high-detailed mockup to depict how your business card design will look when printed on recycled paper. The brown texture background is also included with the free download.


With these pre-made mockup templates, you can speed up your workflow for presenting your work to your clients or on your portfolio site.

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