20 Free T-Shirt Mockups PSD to Showcase your Apparel Design

Mockup templates for T-shirts are a must-have resource for apparel designers to showcase their work professionally. However, creating such templates while working on t-shirt designs can be quite time-consuming. Therefore in this post, we decided to round-up some of the best and realistic looking t-shirt mockups to make it easier for you to present your artwork beautifully.

All the templates listed below provide downloadable PSD files that you can customize in Adobe Photoshop. These PSD mockups use Photoshop Smart Objects that allow you to easily place your own graphic in the mockup making it quick to preview how your design would look like on a real t-shirt. This way you can also test the colors, size, and positioning of your graphic elements digitally from within Photoshop without getting the apparel printed.

We have included a range of templates for both men and women t-shirts in different styles & cuts including polo shirts, long sleeves, round neck and v-neck tees. You can use these PSD templates to mock-up your t-shirt designs in a realistic setting and present them to your clients. You can also use these templates to display your work on your portfolio site. And if you have an online t-shirt store, you can use the mockups featuring models to create an impressive looking product listing in the store without having to worry about arranging for photo shoots.

Free T-shirt Mockups

Below you will find our handpicked collection of tshirt mockups that are available for free download. You just need to select a mockup scene that best fits your design and customize it to prepare a professional looking tshirt mockup.

Free Tshirt Mockup PSD with Model

T-shirt mockup PSD for free download


Free Woman V-Neck Tshirt Mockup

Women's marl t-shirt template


Realistic Hanging T-shirt Free Mockup

Dark t-shirt on a hanger mockup


Free Outdoor Man Wearing Tshirt Mockup

Free Outdoor Man Wearing tshirt mockup


Free Folded T-Shirt with Tag Mockup

Free Folded T Shirt tag mockup


Free Round Neck T-Shirt Mockup

free round neck T Shirt Mockup


Free Hanging T-shirt Mockup with Tag

Psd hanging T shirt tag


Free Black & White Woman T-Shirt Mockup

black white Woman T Shirt MockUp


Different Colors Free T-shirt Mockup

Free T shirt Mockup PSD


Free Baby T-shirt Mockup PSD

free Baby T shirt Psd


T-Shirt Front and Back MockUp Free

T Shirt front back MockUp PSD


Front View of Man and Woman Posing in T-shirts Mockup

man woman Free tshirt PSD


Simple Tee-shirt Mockup Template

simple Psd Tshirt Mockup


Free Man Polo Shirt Mockups

Men's polo shirt mockups


Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockUp Free PSD

Long sleeve t-shirt psd mockup


Free T-Shirt Front Design PSD Mockup

Female model wearing t-shirt mockup front


Free Folded PSD Sweatshirt Mockup with Tag

Folded sweatshirt PSD mockup


Free Hanging Woman T-Shirt PSD MockUp

Women's tshirt on hanger mockup


Top View of T-shirt Concept Mock-up Free PSD

top view tshirts psd mockup


Free T-Shirt on Wooden Hanger Mockup

Mockup of a t-shirt on wooden hanger


Bonus: Premium T-shirt Mockup Templates

When it comes to presenting your t-shirt design, you need to make sure it does justice to the hard work you have put in. Therefore to give you more options, we have also included a bunch of premium t shirt mockups in the roundup. Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links.

Infinity Color T-Shirt Mockups with Tags

Fully editable colored shirt mockups


Vintage T Shirt Mockup

Template for vintage tshirt design


Photorealistic Folded T-Shirts Mockup

Folded Cotton T Shirt Templates


Hanging V-Neck T-Shirt Mock Up

Mockup for v-neck t shirt on a hanger


Men’s T-Shirt Fit Mockups

Mockups for different fits for men tshirts


Man Woman T-Shirt Mock-Up Bundle

Mockups of Men and Women T Shirts


Women’s T-shirt Apparel Mockups

4K mockups for women's t shirt


12 Photo Shoot Female T-Shirt Mockups

Photo Shoot Mockups for Women's T-Shirts


Men & Women Ghost T-Shirt Mock-up

T-shirt templates for men and women


Men’s & Women’s T-Shirt Mock-Up Set

Mockups of male and female models wearing tshirt


Presenting your design professionally is as important as the design itself to leave a great first impression and win potential clients. With these t-shirt PSD mockup templates, showcasing your work has never been easier, and you can put more of your effort and time towards making some cool t-shirt designs! If you liked this collection, please do share this post on with fellow designers, thank you.

More Free Mockup Templates

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