20 Creative CSS Button Hover Effects & Animations

While designing a website you may want to incorporate animated hover effects on your buttons to grab user attention. There are many types of hover effects as well as active/pressed state effects for buttons that you can implement with pure CSS or with a little JavaScript. In this article, we list down some of the best and creative CSS button hover effects & animations that you can use for buttons in your web design project.

All the code examples for CSS buttons given below present working examples of button effects. You can also view HTML, CSS and JavaScript (if any) used to implement these button effects. These demo are mostly present on CodePen which allows you to easily copy or fork the working demo. Web Designers who created these UI are also mentioned with each example. You can follow them on CodePen if you like their design.

1. Creative Button Styles by Mary

creative button effects

These are good examples of creative button styles that have modern and subtle styles & effects for buttons. Implemented by Mary Lou of Codrops (related article).

Code & Demo

2. Pure CSS Button with Ring Indicator by Cole

Pure CSS Button with

This is a button with ring animation implemented in pure CSS by Cole McCombs.

Code & Demo

3. CSS3 3d Flip Button by Sean

CSS d flip button

This uses 3d transform to create a flip button effect upon pressed using CSS3. No JavaScript or icon fonts are used to implement the demo.

Code & Demo

4. Shiny CSS Button by Jessica

Shiney Button

This demo has CSS button with a shiny effect on hover. The effect can be used in CTA (call to action) buttons.

Code & Demo

5. Animated Rainbow Button by lemmin

Animated Rainbow Button

This presents a rainbow border button that can animate when user hovers over it.

Code & Demo

6. Prism Button Effect by Stix

Prism Button Effect

This code demo has a flip animation upon button hover (instead of being pressed as in earlier example).

Code & Demo

7. Button Hover Effects with box-shadow by Giana

Button hover effects with

You can use box-shadows to make many animated hover effects for buttons. This code demo uses no extra elements or pseudo elements to achieve shadow effects on button hover.

Code & Demo

8. Animated CSS3 Buttons by Sazzad

Animated CSS Buttons

This code demo presents many CSS3 animation effects for buttons. There are hover effects such as color fill and border expand for buttons implemented with pure CSS.

Code & Demo

9. Squishy Toggle Buttons by Justin

Squishy Toggle Buttons

Toggle buttons need to have pressed state to denote if they are active or not. This code demo uses CSS animations and effects to create squishy toggle state for buttons.

Code & Demo

10. GSAP Enhanced Checkout Button by Ryan

GSAP Enhanced Checkout Button

This demo uses GSAP to achieve enhanced checkout buttons that animate upon pressed.

Code & Demo

11. Glow Buttons with CSS by Kanishk

Glow Buttons with CSS

This code demo explains creating simple glowing buttons with CSS. You get a glow effect upon hover of the button.

Code & Demo

12. 3D CSS Buttons by Kanishk

D CSS Buttons

Use this example to create 3D CSS buttons with push effects. Here is another related example with much in-depth explanation for creating 3D buttons.

Code & Demo

13. Download Button Animation by Aaron

Download Button Animation

Download buttons generally need additional states to show that the item is getting downloaded. This code example uses CSS as well as JavaScript to achieve great animation effects for all the downloading states such as downloading and item download completed.

Code & Demo

14. Animated Button with Confetti by Zane

Animated Button

Confetti animations are good way to represent success to the user. This code demo uses CSS and JavaScript to achieve confetti effect upon button click. Here is another example of confetti button animation made by Aaron.

Code & Demo

15. Wibbly Button by Cassie

Wibbly button

As the name suggests, this button has wibbly animations which get played upon user hover.

Code & Demo

16. Pure CSS Cyberpunk 2077 Buttons by JHEY

Pure CSS Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk style buttons that have glitch hover effect.

Code & Demo

17. Slide Text on Hover Animation by Mads

Slide text on hover

An example of creating sliding text inside button upon hovering.

Code & Demo

18. Candy Color Button Animation by Yuhomyan

Candy Color Button Animation

Candy colored buttons with neumorphic animation designs.

Code & Demo

19. Creative Button Animation Effects by Ahmad

Creative Button Animation Effects

A creative button animation effect using only HTML & CSS. It has animated border, as well as tilt and expand animation for hover effects.

Code & Demo

20. Button Effects with Border by Emanuel

Button effects

A small collection of CSS effects with borders on Buttons.

Code & Demo

We hope you liked our collection of button hover effects with creative animations. If you have created a similar demo or UI design then do leave the link of working example in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article in your developer community.

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