15 Best Free Lightroom Wedding Presets

Wedding is a cherished life event. While the couple celebrates this magical day with their families and friends, these memorable moments are captured in wedding photographs. As a wedding photographer, you would want to design a beautiful wedding album for the happy couple to relive their special day for decades to come. And to achieve that, you need the right tools or in this case, the best Lightroom wedding presets.

These wedding Lightroom presets will speed-up your post processing workflow and save your time as you can retouch and enhance hundreds of photos with a single click. You can even customize the adjustments to optimize the effect to your preference. Whether your clients are looking for a boho look, retro look or a bright and airy look, the presets listed below will help you produce photos that look professional and consistent.

Our collection includes completely free to download Lightroom presets for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, while some also include .DNG presets for Lightroom Mobile app and Photoshop action files. Read on and download the presets best suited to your needs.

1. Caramel Wedding – Free Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset

free caramel lightroom wedding preset

Caramel wedding preset lets you add a warm brown soft look with pastel tone to your wedding photos. The effect is easily adjustable to your preference. Free download also includes Photoshop action file along with mobile and desktop Lightroom presets. This beautiful free Lightroom preset is perfect for color-enhancing wedding, engagement and portrait photos.


2. 10 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

free wedding lightroom presets

This is a set of 10 different presets for improving and enhancing the look of your wedding day photos in no time. These free presets are designed to work with both RAW and JPG images.


3. Boho Wedding

boho wedding lightroom preset free

With Boho Wedding, you can add an artistic Boho look to your wedding photos. This free wedding lightroom preset for mobile and desktop is perfect to bring out the charm of a Bohemian-themed wedding setup. The preset adds a vintage copper filter to your photos for an elegant look and is best suited for outdoor, garden and diffused lighting scenes.


4. BeArt Free Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

beart free wedding photography lightroom presets

This is a pack of two free lightroom presets designed to add a beautiful pastel color grading effect to wedding photos. This preset is a great choice for wedding photography, couple photoshoots and portraits.


5. Florence & Handmade – Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

florence handmade wedding lightroom preset

Florence and Handmade free wedding presets optimizes contrast and vibrance and will help you add a cozy vibe to your wedding photos and couple shoots. On downloading, you will get 2 Lightroom desktop presets.


6. 30 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding & Portrait Photography

free lightroom presets wedding portrait

This freebie from our site offers 10 free wedding Lightroom presets, 10 free portrait and 10 free landscape presets. All these presets work with RAW and JPG images. With the wedding presets, you can apply a range of different effects including matte, soft vintage and black & white.


7. Bliss Free Lightroom Preset

bliss free lightroom preset

Bliss is a free Lightroom preset you can download and use to enhance the lighting conditions of a wedding photo. Subtle brightening effect gives an airy feel to an image and makes it more lively.


8. Anniversary – Free Lightroom Preset

free anniversary lightroom preset

This is a free preset suitable for professional retouching of your wedding and anniversary photos. The preset adds beautiful color tones and a moody atmosphere to your photos. Available for free download for both Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile as well as a Photoshop action file.


9. Retro Wedding

retro wedding sepia lightroom

A creative preset to add nostalgic monochrome sepia tones to your wedding and engagement photos. If you are looking for a dreamy vintage look, the free retro wedding preset available for both desktop and mobile is a good choice.


10. Summer Wedding – Free Lightroom Preset

free summer wedding lightroom presets

Summer wedding preset is a set of two different filters for optimizing summer-time outdoor wedding photos and producing stunning results.


11. Free Fall Wedding Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

free fall wedding lightroom preset

This free fall wedding preset will help you achieve stylish and professional photo edits. On downloading, you will get 2 Lightroom desktop and mobile presets, 1 Photoshop action and 2 Adobe Camera Raw presets.


12. Free Wedding Photography Lightroom Preset

wedding photography lightoom preset

With this free Lightroom preset, you can give a dreamy look to your wedding photos. It plays on color temperature, vibrance and saturation as well as adds a lavender color tone to achieve this beautiful effect.


13. Elegant Wedding – Free Lightroom Preset

elegant wedding lightroom preset

Elegant Wedding free preset will help you instantly brighten and enhance for getting chic wedding photos perfect for posting on social media and blog posts as well.


14. 5 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

free wedding lightroom presets

A set of 5 free wedding Lightroom presets to ease your editing workflow and make wedding photography more beautiful. Free for both personal and commercial use, these presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 and higher.


15. K&E Free Wedding Presets for Adobe Lightroom

ke wedding presets adobe lightroom

These presets are designed to give a warm boost to your photos and also add smooth contrast to skin tones for a beautiful and classic look. Free download includes 2 Lightroom presets.


These free wedding presets will increase your productivity and save post-production time, so you can focus more of your time in marketing and enhancing your portfolio. On that note, you may want to check out our collection of the best photography website templates to build your portfolio website and showcase your work.

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