AdminKit – Free Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template

AdminKit is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template, featuring hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts and icons. With AdminKit, you can create your next Bootstrap based project even faster than before. It can be used to create a SaaS based interface, administrator dashboard, or anything you want to build on the web using the most popular CSS framework, Bootstrap. AdminKit helps your team in moving faster and saving development costs.

Preview of AdminKit Bootstrap Template

Find below a preview of the AdminKit dashboard template, do check out the demo to see the complete dashboard design.

adminkit free download preview



  • Built with Bootstrap 5: Built on top of the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and HTML5, which means – robust, responsive and easy to customize.
  • Customizable: AdminKit is built using the latest tools and provides an easy way to customize the color schemes, layout, fonts, etc.
  • Fully responsive: With mobile, tablet & desktop support it doesn’t matter what device you’re using. AdminKit is responsive in all browsers.
  • Lifetime updates: From time to time you’ll receive an update containing new components, improvements and bugfixes.


You can download the AdminKit template using the button below. Upon downloading the template, you’ll find the following files:

  • Source files (/src/)
  • HTML (/static)
  • CSS (/dist/css)
  • JS (/dist/js)
  • Images (/dist/img)


This project is licensed under MIT License. To find out more, check:

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